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sarai bodine
sarai bodine

Sarai Bodine '20

English major

A sense of belonging is important, and I feel that I have found that at Mount Union.


B.A., English


Salem, Ohio

Choosing Mount Union

I grew up fairly close to Mount Union, so I always recognized it as an option for my future. I wanted to stay close to home, and Mount was the school that stood out among the rest. I had close friends that had attended Mount Union, and they encouraged me to come here. I ultimately chose Mount Union because of the opportunity I had to be in the classroom completing field experience from my second semester of freshman year. I also fell in love with the choir when I completed an overnight stay, prompting me even further to choose Mount Union. The ability to be in small classes while being provided with an excellent education was too much to pass up. When visiting, I also felt that this was where I belonged because everyone was beyond kind and welcoming. It felt different from the campuses I had visited prior to my official visit to Mount Union.

A Second Home Close to Home

I love that I have formed friendships that will last a lifetime while working with professors who have helped me to succeed as a student. A sense of belonging is important, and I feel that I have found that at Mount Union. Walking down the sidewalk and seeing each person smile, or have a pleasant look on their face makes campus seem warm and inclusive. I noticed it when I completed my tour and overnight stay, and the sensation has continued as I still see individuals smiling. The beautiful housing on campus creates an easy feeling of home.

Finding a Major

Every time I ventured into a new field, including my dream to become a veterinarian for my entire sixth grade year, and my dream to become a surgeon until I realized my distaste for math and science, I always found myself coming back to English and education. I chose English as my major with A. Y. A. Education as a minor because I also had incredible educators that shaped me as a human being. These individuals inspired me to become a teacher.

Hands-On Expereiences

I have had the amazing experiences of being in the classroom since the second semester of my freshman year. These experiences have shaped my opinions and ideas about education and the profession of teaching. I have also had the wonderful opportunity of working at the Digital, Written, and Oral Communication Studio, which serves as a chance for me to work with my peers, and gain experience that is invaluable. I have had a lot of amazing classes, but I would have to choose British Literature 2. This class helped everything click for me in my path of English here at the university. I loved the literature we read, and I was able to improve my writing immensely.

Ultimate Goal

My ultimate dream for my career is to teach British Literature to advanced 12th grade students. However, I just want to be in whatever classroom I am meant to be in, while making a difference in the lives of my students. Mount Union has prepared me for this goal by placing me in the field, and letting me have experience in my content area and in education. I feel as though I am being well-prepared by the amount of experience I am able to have as a student, and I am excited to go into my career and make a difference. I am interested in building and teaching human beings, and making a difference in the lives of the students I teach.