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Stephanie Macrinos
Stephanie Macrinos

Stephanie Macrinos '18

History major

I love Mount Union’s small, beautiful campus. It really is a haven.


Warren, Ohio

Why Mount Union?

A friend and high school classmate began attending Mount Union a semester before I did. When I withdrew from my first college, she recommended that I schedule a tour. I was unhappy with my first school, because I simply felt like a number or a faceless member of the crowd. I was attracted the Mount Union’s small class sizes and close community, because it allowed me to connect with my professors and get personalized academic attention.

A Second Home

I love Mount Union’s small, beautiful campus. It really is a haven. I also appreciate the plethora of opportunities, from internships, to studying abroad, and the ability to develop relationships with my professors. Having personal connections makes Mount Union feel like a second home. I have made lasting friendships, and so many professors willing to help you in and out of the classroom.

Adjusting to College

Having structure and organization in class helped me adjust to college life. I am very much a Type-A personality, and having instructors that make it easy to follow along a stay organized is incredibly helpful.

Advice to Future Raiders

Make the most of your first year at Mount Union. Complete your general education courses. Step out of your comfort zone. Make new friends, join clubs, and embrace your interests.

Majoring in History

I chose history as my major, because I believe in the value of understanding the past. By studying history, we learn from our mistakes, we create new ideas, and we understand the people and events that established our cultures and traditions. I also chose to study history, because it trains me to think critically, communicate clearly, and approach new situations with context and wisdom.

Internship Experience

I spent a summer in Washington, DC as an intern. This experience introduced me to life after college and allowed me to decide what kind of work environment is right for me. I also had amazing opportunities to attend enlightening events and explore the city. I have developed an interest in journalism after participating in an internship in Washington, DC. Luckily, many history majors continue on to careers in journalism because they possess great communication and research skills.

Favorite Professor

Without a doubt, Dr. Theresa Davis is the best professor I have had at Mount Union. Her teaching style is unique, and she is passionate about her job. She is also a trusted friend. She has guided me in many aspects of life and helped me get through some of my greatest challenges.

Future Goals

My ultimate career goal is to create something that adds value to the world. Whether I write articles that resonate or produce a documentary that gets people thinking, I will feel successful as long as my work is enjoyable and adds to the lives of others. Attending Mount Union has allowed me to develop the skills necessary to lead a fulfilling career. My classes have offered knowledge, my professors have offered support, and my experiences have led to passion.