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Army War College Brings Military Experts to Campus

As a part of the Eisenhower Series College Program (ESCP), military experts from the U.S. Army War College came to visit the University of Mount Union’s campus on Thursday, March 17. While on campus, they discussed national security and other public policy issues through a forum-based panel discussion.


Dr. Michelle Vaughan to Present UMU Experts Talk on LGBT Superpowers

ALLIANCE, Ohio – Dr. Michelle Vaughan, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Mount Union, will present "The Secret Superpowers of LGBT People” during the next UMU Experts talk at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 18 in Room 206 of the Engineering and Business Building.


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James Slack, Expert on Public Policy, to Speak at Mount Union College

James Slack is an expert on public policy, grant writing and legal and organizational issues relating to the workplace ramifications of HIV/AIDS, other disabilities, diversity and basic personnel practices.


UMU Experts Lecture: Terror in France

ALLIANCE, OHIO – On Friday, November 13, Paris, France, was targeted with several terrorist attacks that killed at least 120 people and injured at least 352 more. The world has been in mourning ever since the tragic events took place.


UMU Experts Panel: National Water Crisis Reaches Local Pipes

ALLIANCE, Ohio – In recent weeks, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan has taken center stage in the national spotlight. That issue is now closer to home, as residents of Sebring, Ohio are facing a similar issue with lead in their water systems.


UMU Experts Talk to Discuss Party Politics’ Role in Heated 2016 Election

ALLIANCE, Ohio – During the peak of the political primary season, the University of Mount Union will be hosting a UMU Experts presentation Monday, March 14 from 6-7 p.m. in Tolerton and Hood Hall, Room 100. 



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