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Mount Union mechanical engineering major, Ward Nader Alababneh
Mount Union mechanical engineering major, Ward Nader Alababneh

Ward Nader Alababneh '21

Mechanical Engineering Major

People at Mount Union are very friendly and easy to talk to. Also, the professors are very easy to get in touch with if you need help.


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minors: Math and French


Irbid, Jordan

Choosing Mount Union

I learned about the University of Mount Union while I was attending St. Thomas Aquinas High School as an exchange student. It was a perfect fit because it offered the program I wanted, mechanical engineering.

Making Mount Union Home

I really like the small community and the people are very nice and helpful on campus. 

Advice to Prospective Raiders

I would advise prospective students to always get things done whenever you have free time. Don't wait until the last minute.

Why Mechanical Engineering

I chose mechanical engineering because I love saving time and money. I also love designing stuff that can make life much easier.

Career Goals

I want to graduate with a bachelor's degree in engineering, get a job, and settle down, but never stop learning. Mount Union has helped to prepare me to reach my goal by introducing me to new programs and ideas that will help me in the future.