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Civil Engineering Major

Our ever-evolving global society is in dire need of well-rounded engineers in the workforce. A degree in civil engineering from Mount Union will provide you with a broad-based education and diverse experiences to fulfill that societal need. Research opportunities, an international experience, off-campus internships and a solid liberal arts foundation are just a few of the many ways Mount Union will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career in the civil engineering field. A strong focus in math and science and depth in technology are integrated into classroom studies to make you an excellent program solver and creative thinker.

Smaller class sizes allow for more time to collaborate on finding creative solutions to complex, real-world problems. Our intimate University for civil engineering allows you a 13:1 ratio of students to staff, which grants the ability for a stronger education.

The major in civil engineering is administered by the Department of Engineering, which also offers a mechanical engineering major.

Become a student at The University of Mount Union. Click here to apply online.

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