Brett Fortune ‘17

Brett Fortune ‘17

Major: Nursing
Hometown:Wooster, Ohio

I chose to major in nursing because it is a hands-on major that requires lifelong learning. Plus, the opportunity to make a huge impact in someone's life is exciting and meaningful.

Payment Options

There are three options available for payment to the University:

  1. Pay the total semester amount by July 31 for the fall and January 3 for the spring
  2. Sign up for the per semester payment plan. The University of Mount Union has partnered with Higher One/CashNet which allows monthly payments due on the 5th or 15th of each month. There is a $35 per semester charge from HigherOne/CashNet to use this service. Students must enroll through their Self-Service portal. If someone other the student is making the payment, the student will need to assign an authorized payer access to their account.
  3. Apply for a Parent Plus Loan through or a Private/Alternative Loan through the bank of your choice. A listing of private lenders can be found on the Student Financial Services website. NOTE: Loans are not credited to the student account until the funds are actually received by the University. The lender’s processing fees are deducted from your DL Loans prior to disbursement to your account.
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