About the Writing Major

The University of Mount Union’s Writing major is a unique program where students take a balance of courses in genres historically classified as “creative" –- fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, as well as those often referred to as “professional”— business and technical writing, writing for the web, and publications management. A graduate with a writing degree from Mount Union will be a well-rounded writer and scholar of writing.

The writing major provides students with a strong foundation in the craft of writing. Students examine the power of language at the macro and micro level; each course in the major offers opportunities to study global concerns about audience and purpose as well as careful editing at the level of the individual word. Students also read widely, analyzing from a writer’s perspective to gain insight into the strategies successful writers employ. Students also learn how writers conduct the research that results in creative and effective writing. Over a series of interrelated courses, students practice writing in multiple genres and for multiple purposes. 

Students will develop broadly as writers through in-class work and significant experiences outside the classroom such as trips to hear writers read their work, conferences in which writers discuss the act of writing and public opportunities for students to read and receive feedback on their own work. These experiences prepare students to enter the workforce or a graduate program.

Graduates with a writing degree leave the program with a portfolio of their work—a tangible demonstration of each student’s unique abilities and interests essential to the job search, to the graduate school application process and for publication. From the first course in the major, students work to develop a portfolio of their writing and, by the end of the senior year, will tailor their work for a specific audience and purpose.

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Story from a Student: How I Became a Writing Major

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