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UMU women's soccer player with focused stare



At the University of Mount Union, we make one crucial decision again, and again, and again. We show up.

We show up when the road gets rough. We show up when others don’t. We show up for each other, no matter what.

This commitment to each other sets us apart. This drive to make the most of our potential offers you life-changing opportunities.

When you join us, you join a community that puts in the hours – in the lab and library, in the gym and on the training field, in the nursing clinics and companies where we train and the volunteer sites where we give our all to the community around us.

When you’re surrounded by people who do the work, you gain something important. You gain the confidence to face down any challenge. You can have the vision to make the most of your career.

Because you’re ready. Ready to build, to work, to make each moment count. You’re ready to show up. And so are we.

Show up bold. Show up strong.



Students Who Show Up

SHOW UP DRIVEN | Making Your Mark

Taylor Cline standing in front of Oak Hall
Taylor Cline ’16

“The global engineering trip to Belize was incredible,” she said, reflecting. “Getting to make those memories with my peers and having the chance to serve an underdeveloped community are things I’ve brought with me into my career today.”


Taylor Cline is in her seventh year at CESO, and her impressive ascent has led her to be a lead project engineer after earning two promotions in that time. In this role, she leads a team of traffic engineers and works on designs and traffic patterns for major clients like Love’s Travel Stops, FedEx, and Sheetz.