Alex Hudson '19

Major: Mangement/Marketing
Hometown: Hermitage, PA

Minor: Entrepreneurship
Member of Women's tennis, SHRM and Up 'til Dawn

Future project manager

Mount Union chose me
I heard about Mount Union at a college fair that I attended in Pittsburgh while in high school. Mount Union instantly felt like home as soon as I stepped foot on campus. Although in the end, I didn’t choose Mount Union, Mount Union chose me.

Supportive Atmosphere
Each member of the staff is more than willing to led a helping hand with a smile. Every professor is always willing to stay after class and further help my confusion. I love walking to on campus and saying hello to my friends and many acquaintances in passing. The close-knit community that reminds me of my hometown. Finding the “right” school is hard but, when you find Mount Union you’re not just finding a school, You’re finding you’re home away from home.

Personality in the Major
I choose my degree because I felt it suited my personality. I grew up in a business environment and have always admired the intelligent business people I was around. I always strive to have the same hard-work ethic as they do. I feel that Mount Union offers many opportunities for me to prepare for my future business career.

My Favorite Course
My favorite class so far has been my First Year Seminar, "Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things." This class taught me how to set goals and to strive to be successful in life.

Motivational Professors
Mr. Kachilla is one of my favorite professors. The way he conducts his class reassures me that the business track is right for me. My other favorite professor is Mr. Schweizer. He always keeps the class entertaining with his great humor. Both are always ready to offer insight to their students in the classroom. They continue to do an excellent job on connecting with their students in and out of the class.

Unique Education
A liberal arts education combined with professional preparation has challenged me into different ways of thinking and analyzing situations. I know these challenges are preparing me for my future everyday life. I believe that because of the Integrative Core, I am a well-rounded student capable of performing on a variety of platforms.

My Dream
I want to return to Pennsylvania and work in construction. I want to become a project manager and excel with the people who have formed me into the person I am today. I think Mount Union is preparing me for this by providing me a well-rounded education and teaching me everyday lessons that will not only be help me at work but with life in general.  

Alex Hudson

I think Mount Union is preparing me for my dream job by providing me a well-rounded education and teaching me everyday lessons that will not only be help me at work but with life in general.

Fun Facts

Do you prefer Macs or PCs?
Where is your favorite travel destination?
Bald Head Island, North Carolina
What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
Nurse Jackie
What did you want to be as a kid?
What is your favorite quote/motto?
"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers."
To The Top!