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Favorite Quote or MottoComputing is not a spectator sport.

Surprising Fact about YourselfI spent most of my summers growing up at my grandmother’s home in a small town called Mount Union, Pennsylvania. Now I am a professor at the University of Mount Union. Kind of ironic.

If You Weren’t a ProfessorIt might be fun to be a golf pro, but that’s a hard life and a tough way to make a living. I’d either be involved in software development or follow in the footsteps of my parents and many other family members in being a teacher.

Places to Visit or Things to DoI would love to have my golf game honed to the point that I felt comfortable competing in a big amateur tournament on a famous course, such as Oakmont or Pebble Beach.

Hobbies and InterestsI played football, basketball and baseball in high school and football in college, but my favorite sport is golf—I play a great deal in the summers. I read books, from science to literature, on a wide variety of topics

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University Faculty Spotlight:
Blase Cindric

Title: Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems
Teaches: Information Systems and Computer Science courses

I was always fascinated with computers growing up; our high school actually had a programmable calculator that a friend and I would work on in our spare time. I liked computing so much that I decided to earn a double-major in accounting and computer science, but computing was my favorite subject, and that’s what I pursued in graduate school.

Problem Solving

The way to learn problem solving is to solve lots of problems of various types. The student who does nothing between the end of one class session and the start of the next one will not succeed in computing courses. I attempt to model good practice in problem solving during class sessions so that students have an example of how to solve the problems assigned.

The Love of Teaching
I love teaching and working with students to develop problem-solving skills and the fundamental concepts involved with computing. Helping my students achieve success gives me a great deal of joy and professional satisfaction.

Buildings on Campus
I like Chapman Hall for its history, Bracy Hall for its classroom space and the big aquarium and the Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center (KHIC) for the outstanding library and computing facilities.

Computing Technology
Mount Union has much better computing facilities than other private schools of our size. The administration has maintained a commitment to keep our computer labs up to date with equipment and software that allows us to offer course content that applies directly to practices and skills used in the real world.

Preparing Students
Our preparation of all students is a major reason our graduates are often hired before graduates of large state schools. Our students have the ability to communicate and work with people, not just sit in a cubicle and program a computer all day. We survey employers to discover the skills they most desire in newly-hired employees and use that information to tailor our programs to be relevant to today’s employment scene.

Research Interests
I am very interested in computer graphics and relational database technology, but my major interest is in bio-inspired computing. This exciting field employs techniques and computational methods that living organisms use to process information gathered by their sensory organs, and includes the fields of artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and artificial life.

B.S., Computer Science and Accounting, Westminster College
M.S., Computer Science, Pennsylvania State University

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