Dr. Carolyn Reid

Teaching Area(s): Chemistry/Biochemistry

Title: Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Courses Taught: Organic and General Chemistry

I chose to teach because of the influence of some exceptional chemistry teachers during my undergraduate studies. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and love of chemistry with others and my aim is to be a role model to my students as my teachers were to me.

At the College of Pharmacy at The Ohio State University, I worked on a project involving antiparasitic drug discovery and design that produced some very promising results. There is such a critical need for safe and effective drugs and I felt proud that I contributed towards the development of new drug candidates.

Teaching Philosophy
I try to have an exciting and sometimes entertaining class whenever possible (yes chemistry is that much fun!) My students know from the very first day that they will have to participate in class and by the end of the semester they usually enjoy doing this. Sometimes we do group work which helps to build confidence and spark lively discussions. I try to get students to make a connection between lecture material and items in the news or nature, that way they can see the real-world applications of some of the theories being taught.

Favorite Part of Job
Seeing students finally grasp concepts we have been discussing and then watching them apply that knowledge to new situations or challenges.

Research Interests
Stroke is a leading cause of death and adult disability worldwide and there are very few treatment options available. My research interests combine medicinal, organic and green chemistry in a drug discovery effort to find new and improved therapies to treat this illness.

Favorite Building
That’s got to be Bracy Hall. I love the design and I feel very fortunate that I work in a modern science building with a great view of parts of the campus. What more could I ask for?

Supportive Environment
I think the faculty and staff work hard to create a very student-focused and supportive environment and are willing to give of their time both inside and outside the classroom.

Campus Diversity
Diversity on campus gives students the opportunity to interact with persons of different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles. It creates an open-mindedness that prepares students for the dynamic and intertwined world we live in.  Using a personal example, I am originally from Jamaica; I did my graduate work in New Orleans and for a short time in Montreal, Canada. During this time I met persons from many different cultures and backgrounds, who spoke different languages. This exposure to such diversity was truly enriching to me, and I believe that every student should have that experience.

The various programs, activities and the support of the Mount Union community prepare students to become leaders in their field of study. I think after leaving, students try to maintain the same high standards they have grown accustomed to while studying at Mount.

Chemistry Major
Studying chemistry helps to develop critical thinking and analytical skills, which are essential especially when searching for meaningful solutions. There are many options for persons with a background in chemistry including attending graduate or professional schools, working with government organizations and of course teaching.

Value of a Liberal Arts Education
An education grounded in the liberal arts challenges students to be open-minded and teaches them how to apply the critical thinking skills learned in the classroom to life experiences.

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Tulane University
B.S., Chemistry with honors, University of the West Indies

I think after leaving, students try to maintain the same high standards they have grown accustomed to while studying at Mount.

Fun Facts

If you could teach one class outside of your discipline, what would it be?
Photography, I think I would really learn a lot.
What is the most surprising thing you've learned from a student?
That I make organic chemistry seem easy.
What is your favorite quote or motto?
One of my favorite quotes that is always written at the bottom of my personal email is by Nelson Mandela: "The greatest glory of living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall."
If you weren’t a professor, what job would you have?
I would love to be a food critic, I just imagine myself trying exotic dishes from different places. I think I would really enjoy doing this, almost as much as I enjoy teaching chemistry.
What is one thing you want to do or a place you’d like to visit?
I would like to run a marathon.
What are your hobbies and interests?
My hobbies include visiting art galleries and museums, listening to live music, wine tasting, trying new recipes and going for a run (when the weather is warm).
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