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If You Could Teach Another ClassI would like to teach others in all disciplines about children with exceptionalities. I believe that there would be more acceptance of others if we understood each other.

Favorite Quote or Motto“Life is choices … take responsibility for those choices.”

Places to Visit or Things to DoI have had the opportunity to visit schools in India and China, but I would love to visit many other schools in other countries.

Favorite BookI enjoy reading children and adolescent books.

Hobbies and InterestsI love traveling, participating in outdoor sports and being with my family.

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University Faculty Spotlight:
Dr. Linda Burkey

Title: Professor of Education and Lester D. Crow Professor in Education
Teaches: Intervention Specialist

I chose education as the result of volunteering while in high school. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with kids with exceptionalities. It was amazing to see how every little task became a great accomplishment for the children.

Special Moment
While teaching in the Columbiana County MRDD program, one of my severe down syndrome students, Rosie, after months of daily encouragement and practice, was able to write her name on her own. This task is something that we take for granted. The moment she brought her paper to show me will always be very special to me.

Teaching Style
I like to keep the students engaged in class. They are actively involved in group activities, thinking through scenarios and developing activities and lessons for students.

Best Part of the Job
I love working with students. Helping them with any part of their growth and development is important to me.

Favorite Building
I like the Hoover-Price Campus Center (HPCC) the most. I like the informal conversations that I have there with my fellow colleagues and students.

A Sense of Community
The community atmosphere at Mount Union provides the opportunity for all on campus to really get to know each other.

Preparing Students
The Department of Education provides many opportunities for our teacher candidates to work with a variety of preschool through 12th grade students before they graduate. Their extensive field experiences provide them the ability to develop the craft of teaching.

Research Interests
Effective teaching and assessment strategies, social skill development, characteristics of a literate classroom environment

B.S., Education, Kent State University
M.A., Education, Lenoir-Rhyne College
Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Kent State University

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