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If You Could Teach Another ClassI would like to teach a political science class.

Favorite Quote or MottoI actually have two: “Do or do not; there is no try!” and “Equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome.”

Surprising Fact About YourselfI’m not a big fan of exercising just to exercise, but I love to play games. If I am going to exercise, it would be considered more training for a specific purpose or goal as opposed to just general exercise.

Places to Visit or Things to DoProfessionally, I would love to go more overseas (Europe) for a period of a few years to teach at a university. For fun, I’d love to spend an entire season training with a professional soccer team in Germany or England.

Hobbies and InterestsSoccer is my primary sport passion, but I enjoy NASCAR as well. One of my favorite hobbies is detailing cars.

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University Faculty Spotlight:
Dr. Ron Mendel

Title: Associate Professor of Human Performance and Sport Business and Director of Exercise Science Program
Exercise Science

Professional Accomplishments
Earning my doctorate degree is certainly something I am proud of and has directly led me to where I am today. I am also extremely proud and humbled at receiving Mount Union’s Great Teacher Award in 2008.

Teaching Style
My teaching style really revolves around trying to make the material relevant and applicable to the students. It is about getting the students to make a connection with the material. Memorization is a technique to recall information, but not necessarily to learn the information. I use as many real world experiences as possible to make that connection through stories. I also try to incorporate humor because everyone needs a good laugh every now and again.

Interesting Curricula and Research
I was given the opportunity to restructure the exercise science curriculum when the University transitioned to the four-credit-hour system. Additionally, I am involved with a research project developed to measure the physiological stress that racecar drivers undergo during a race.

Favorite Part of the Job
I really enjoy many aspects of my job, but if I had to choose one thing it would be the fact that I get to go to college indefinitely. Most people get to go to college for 4 or 5 years, I get to do it every year.

Probably a bit biased, but I like the McPherson Academic and Athletic Complex (The MAAC). It houses a combination of academics and athletics, and I relate to both of those. It also is a comfortable place because I feel a bond with the students, faculty and staff that use the facility for health and/or performance reasons.

The Mount Union Feeling
I could list the typical clichés about what makes Mount Union unique, but I truly believe that what makes it unique cannot be put into words. It is just a unique feeling one has when they are part of Mount Union. I do believe an important part of that feeling is because of the alumni and their role in making Mount Union special.

Stepping Out
The preparation of students goes beyond just teaching content in an academic discipline. There is a focus to prepare each student to maximize their talents and provide them an opportunity to grow (which also means making mistakes) in an atmosphere designed for learning. I believe college is the last safety net in life and so this is the place to gain as many experiences as possible and step out of your comfort zone.

Research Interests
Stress on racecar drivers, impact of executive function on the success of athletes, sports nutrition

B.S., Biology, Walsh University
M.A., Education, Walsh University
Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, Kent State University

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