Elizabeth Wheeler ‘16

Major: Interactive Media
Hometown: Minerva, OH

Future Graphic Designer

Minor: Art

Member of Campus Crusade for Christ, theatrical productions and Stark Actors on the Airwaves


Friendly Campus
I initially heard about Mount Union because it is a rival of Baldwin Wallace, where my older siblings attend. After I visited B-W and Mount, I found Mount Union to be a lot more open and friendly. The atmosphere was inspiring and exciting. Then I investigated the Interactive Media program and it combined all the different aspects I had been considering for a profession into one major. I also like that it is a Methodist school.

A Home Away From Home
The campus, even though it is in the middle of Alliance, feels like a friendly community within the town. Prior to college, I was homeschooled. This combined with the fact that I commute could have made it very difficult to fit in and meet people, but I find myself making new friends constantly. My favorite place on campus is the 24-hour area in the basement of KHIC. It’s comfortable and homey; far enough away from classes to relax but close enough that I don’t have to worry about running to get anywhere. It’s a cool place to hang out with friends or meet new people; I have done both quite a lot.

Graphic Design
I was interested in graphic design, but scared of a primarily art-focused major because of my lack of previous art experience. I began to wonder how that could be applied to various jobs. Interactive Media is a combination of art and computer science, both of which I love. It also has the added communications aspect that teaches you how to apply your skills to other areas. I loved my classes involving animation. My former advisor had years of experience and was always able to look at my projects, which were my own ideas, and point me in the right direction so I could figure out my problems for myself instead of just copying out of the book or asking for the answer from her.

Favorite Professor
My favorite professor is Dr. Len Cooper from the Department of Communication. His classes are challenging but incredibly helpful because I was unsure about the communications aspect of Interactive Media. He has shared very honest opinions that really have changed how I see things. My favorite class so far is Music, the Arts and Culture taught by Eric Benjamin. I wasn’t sure if I was going to manage a music minor, and it is challenging, but this introductory course taught me to understand why I love music so much and gave me a fascinating historical background for the music that I know and love.

The Integrative Core
Some people are analytically minded, and some people are artistically minded. Combining professional preparation with general teaching will benefit students who need help planning and would not be able to find that help elsewhere or perhaps wouldn’t be able to motivate themselves without assistance. I have had assistance from multiple professors in creating a resume. I’m also impressed by the mandatory sophomore meetings and the great opportunities for help at the career center. Everyone who offers to help has life experience and is happy to share it. I also enjoy getting to know new people here. The students, the faculty, the janitors and the security officers are all so nice and unique.

Dream Job
I would like to be a graphic/web designer. I have a soft spot for the internet and especially the artistic side of it. I don’t think any website should be without a well-designed layout. I would like to offer my services to small businesses or non-profit organizations and help them create their websites because a website can make such a huge impression. If I were able to combine the aspects the many things I love and have learned, I would design light shows for concerts. I love concerts for the music but I do appreciate a well-thought spectacle of lights combined with music and effects. All of those elements working together inspire feelings you can’t get from anywhere else. I would love to be able to inspire that myself.

Everyone who offers to help has life experience and is happy to share it. I also enjoy getting to know new people here. The students, the faculty, the janitors and the security officers are all so nice and unique.

To The Top!