Noah Hiles

Noah Hiles '17

Major: Communication
Job Title: Sports Journalist/Producer

When I graduated from Mount Union, I was able to say that I had covered more than 140 athletic events in nine different states, including three national championship games and two national tournaments.

Mount Union Fraternity and Sorority Life

We encourage you to peruse these pages to learn about our eight fraternal organizations and why you should consider the opportunity to join a fraternity or sorority while you’re a student at the University of Mount Union.

What does it mean to be “Greek”?
The first Greek-letter organization made its debut on the campus of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1776. First in existence as debate and literary societies, this original fraternity served as the premise for the nearly 200 organizations that would follow. Founded upon basic principles of friendship, trust and loyalty fraternity and sorority members alike strived to create a “home away from home” environment for college students of the day. The “modern” fraternity was founded during the 1820s and began to extend to other campuses, creating what are now known as “chapters” and thus creating a “national” (or “international” if a chapter is founded in Canada or abroad) organization. Sororities were founded beginning in 1851, providing a circle of female friends (schools were primarily attended by males during this time) and a place to live while away attending college. These values-based organizations have stood the test of time and continue to be strong contributing members of the campus environment.

Today fraternity and sorority organizations continue to provide the same opportunity for life-long friendships, however, this type of student organization offers its members many additional opportunities that compose what is commonly referred to as “the Greek experience”. Leadership training, monetary scholarships, academic assistance, civic engagement, tradition, teambuilding opportunity, networking capabilities, and more await the person who elects to join one of these groups. Many students feel when they join a fraternity or sorority; they are giving a part of themselves to something greater. They are agreeing to live by the values of not only the organizations, but the ones for which they individually espouse. When investigating if fraternity or sorority membership is for you, it is highly encouraged to seek out the one that best fits your personality, outlook and beliefs!

Who do I contact for additional information on fraternity and sorority life? 
The president of the Interfraternity Council, the governing board for fraternity life, as well as the president of Panhellenic Council, the governing board for sorority life, can be of great assistance to you. Please contact them through the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, by calling (330) 823-2885 or emailing They will gladly answer all of your questions!

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So, what is Greek life really about, anyway? What do I get out of it?
Basically, Greek life is all about you! It’s your decision as to why to join and there are about a million reasons why students stay in the organizations. Each and every student in a fraternity or sorority creates their own story and their own experience with their membership. Here are just a few things that everyone agrees you’ll definitely get to do as a member:

Be a leader!
The fraternity and sorority community at Mount Union prides itself on the sheer amount of opportunities it offers students for leadership development. Within each chapter and within the fraternity and sorority community as a whole, there are numerous opportunities for members to assume leadership positions. Whether chairing a committee to build a Homecoming Float or to organize the annual Greek Week competition, coordinating the chapter's recruitment efforts, serving as president of the chapter or as an officer on the governing councils, fraternity and sorority life provide students invaluable opportunities to develop life skills. The fraternity and sorority community further supports its members to be contributing members of their campus community by encouraging involvement in other student organizations as well and strives to develop individuals who will continue to be strong leaders throughout their lives.

Get Good Grades!

Academic excellence is one of the ideals upon which fraternity and sorority organizations were founded, and support the premise that academic responsibilities should unquestionably receive the highest priority throughout college. To this end, fraternities and sororities promote scholarship and academic achievement by providing opportunities for members to develop critical skills and engage in issue-oriented discussions outside of the classroom. A variety of creative educational programs have been initiated by Greek students. A number of our chapters also have study rooms in their houses and/or provide incentive programs to reward high academic performance.

Give back to your community!
Our fraternal chapters at Mount Union demonstrate a strong commitment to community service (hands-on activities directly benefiting others) and philanthropic endeavors (raising money for charitable organizations). The fraternity and sorority chapters at Mount Union donate thousands of dollars annually to various philanthropies and volunteer hundreds of hours of community service to the citizens of Alliance and Stark County.

Make a life-long friend (or two..)!
When choosing a fraternity or sorority, students look for a comfortable "fit"--a place where they share values and interests with other members. The chapter serves as a place where friends become family and the friendships literally last a lifetime.

Fraternities and sororities also give members the opportunity to network with alumni/ae and interact with mentors who have made a successful transition from college to the workforce. The Greek system provides a wide variety of events which help bring members of different chapters together, whether through educational workshops and lectures, social events, retreats or service projects. Over 125 years ago, fraternity and sorority life came to Mount Union. These organizations were founded upon tradition, values and opportunities for building relationships with fellow classmates that would last past just the years on campus. These opportunities and more provide a great way to be well-rounded in your experiences as a student at Mount Union, and allow for a number of different ways to grow while you are also learning in your chosen field of study. We highly encourage you to learn more about what an organization such as this and an experience like none other in college can provide for you.

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