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We are thrilled to see that you are interested in exploring the opportunity of “Greek Life” on campus. The four sorority chapters or four fraternity chapters are full of outstanding and dedicated individuals who are looking forward to meeting and getting to know you.

The members of fraternity & sorority life at Mount Union have found being part of the Greek community has created a once in a lifetime opportunity, that’s assisted in shaping them into leaders, scholars, and citizens. Sisterhood and Brotherhood last a lifetime – the bonds of membership last long beyond your years as a student at the University. We hope you carry this experience and those bonds with you throughout your life, and that you have the same positive experience that each of our members and alumni has had, benefit from all this unique opportunity has to offer to you. The fraternity and sorority community has a full-time advisor, Katherine Carnell, who is in the office and on campus every day, so be sure to get to know her! Call, email, or stop by with your questions about fraternity and sorority life.

Recruitment FAQs

  1. What's recruitment?

    To join, or “affiliate” with an organization at Mount Union interested students participate in the process called recruitment.  We encourage all interested students to consider membership at any point during their collegiate experience, and to look at each individual organization for the unique opportunity that it could provide.  Think of each recruitment event as a way learn about the members, the values and purpose, and the benefits of joining, and the commitments required of fraternity or sorority life.  

  2. How do I sign up for recruitment?
    • To sign up for fraternity recruitment, click here.

    • To sign up for sorority recruitment, click here.


  3. What's the GPA to join?

    Academic excellence is one of the most important ideals of each chapter, and they support the premise that academic responsibilities should receive the highest priority throughout their members’ academic careers. To this end, fraternities and sororities require a minimum grade point average for both joining and for remaining an active member. Each chapter requires its own minimum GPA for membership, however, a student must be enrolled as a full-time at the University of Mount Union student. In addition, monetary scholarships are sometimes available for those who are meaningfully involved in the chapter while excelling academically during their time in the organization. 

  4. What's the cost to be part of a fraternity or sorority?

    The cost of joining a fraternity or sorority at the University of Mount Union ranges from $500 - $700 per semester, with most costs involved during the first semester. The amount is larger in your first semester of membership because of initiation fees, national dues (if applicable), and insurance costs. It also includes your membership pin and certificate. During your membership, costs include national and local fees that pay activities like formals, brotherhood or sisterhood events, and other incidentals such as t-shirts. If cost is prohibitive, we encourage you to be in touch with the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership or the individual chapters’ treasurers to see if arrangements could be made for you. Many options are available, all you need to do is ask.

  5. Can I live in the house?

    Sophomores and older may live in the fraternity or sorority facility, if the option to live-in is available.  We encourage you to speak to the individual chapters for additional information on residency requirements and options.  

  6. I'm interested in joining an NPHC, or "Divine Nine" organizations. Is that available at Mount Union?

    Please contact with the office of student involvement & leadership at to sign up and find out additional information.