Gabriella Pishotti '16

Major: English and Writing
Hometown: Warren, OH

Future English Professor

Consultant for the Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio, Calliope, FLOCK, Delta Sigma Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Mu Gamma, Japanese Club and Honors Program


Finding Mount
In high school, my boyfriend had been looking at Mount Union and told me that I would really like the school. So, I decided to go for a visit. My boyfriend ended up choosing a different school to attend, but I was hooked on Mount instantly and have loved it ever since. I chose Mount Union because the campus is really a giant family. From my first visit, I felt like Mount Union was my home away from home. The students, faculty and staff were so welcoming, and that really caught my attention.

Sense of Community
The sense of community that Mount Union embodies is my favorite thing about the university. Everyone I’ve met here has been so genuine, and always seems eager to learn and help others to learn. Students really help each other to achieve here, and I love knowing I have such a huge support system. At Mount Union, students are recognized as individuals and are given the assistance and attention needed in order for them to succeed. You feel like a valued part of the university here, rather than feeling lost in the crowd. 

Curriculum Resource Center
My favorite place at Mount Union is the Curriculum Resource Center at the top of KHIC. It’s generally only used by education majors, but I worked up there as a freshman. The room is packed full of children’s literature, craft supplies, games, puppets and costumes, and is completely unique to any other place on campus.

Preparing for the Future
Mount Union is always working toward the goal of preparing its students for post-graduation. Instead of simply offering classes that prepare a person for his or her major, the university provides many opportunities to help prepare students. By making a WOC portfolio necessary for all students to complete before graduation, Mount Union is ensuring that its students are capable and eloquent communicators. Mount Union’s variety of clubs and organizations prepare students in areas of leadership, teamwork and initiative, which are all necessities for the majority of careers. Finally, Mount Union’s Center for Student Success offers students resources specifically dedicated to preparing students for post-graduation. From internships to mock interviews, this service in particular is a gold mine for future graduates.

Pursuing Passions
As an English major, I often get many looks from skeptics who believe my major will only lead to a career-less future. However, literature and writing have always been passions of mine. I believe that you learn a lot from stories, not only about yourself but about the world around you. Being able to understand these stories, as well as share your own, is something I see as being a key part of life. Someday, I want to help others to learn and get excited about literature while being able to continue researching and publishing in the field. To the skeptics, I often tell them this: It is what makes me happy in life, and that’s why I see it worth pursuing.     

Hands-on Experience
My favorite hands-on experience in my major so far has been conducting a research project for my Gothic Literature class. The class explored a very interesting genre of literature that often only gets covered in a few days in a normal literature course Throughout the semester, we had to research a topic related to one of the books we read. I really enjoyed the project, and as a whole it taught me a lot about performing research and constructing research-based writing.

Challenging Professors
I really can’t choose a favorite professor because every professor I’ve had in the English department has challenged me in a different way. They are all so interesting and have already taught me so much. Each one is quirky, fun and engaging in his or her own way, and I’m always excited to go to my English and writing classes because they make them so interesting.

Liberal Arts Education
By mixing a liberal arts education with professional preparation, you’re combining innovation with the standards that are expected of career-seeking individuals. By mixing these two things, you get a capable graduate who not only understands the conventions of their work field, but who also thinks outside the box and can bring in ideas and perspectives from other disciplines. You create a well-rounded graduate who is flexible and can adapt in a professional setting.

Everyone I’ve met here has been so genuine, and always seems eager to learn and help others to learn. Students really help each other to achieve here, and I love knowing I have such a huge support system.

To The Top!