Institutional Review Board

‚ÄčIRB Committee Members

Mount Union Faculty Members

Andy Bain Sociology
Katherine Clark HPSB
Ron Mendel HPSB
Jennifer Martin Education 
Kristine Turko Psychology
Melissa Muller Psychology**
Spiro Mavroidis Biology**

**members of IACUC

Community Member
Elayne Dunlap, Alliance City School Board Member

Submitting an Application

For Faculty, Students and Staff Conducting Research

All students conducting research are required to complete Human Subjects Assurance training at Human Subjects Assurance Training at Save your certificate of completion electronically and you will be prompted to upload the document in the online application. If you are conducting research in a group, all group members must complete the training. Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, anyone who conducts research (i.e., students, faculty and staff) must complete training.

Before beginning the online application, you may choose to prepare your answers in Word format so they are ready to be copied into the electronic form. Applications cannot be saved, once you begin the process. The Word version of the application can be found here.

Research applications can be submitted electronically at:

Application Review Process

All applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, as they are received. For full consideration, the committee requires two weeks to review materials prior to the monthly meeting. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month.

Protocol for the University of Mount Union IRB

To review the protocol for the University of Mount Union's IRB, click here.

Policy for Conducting Classroom Research

Student research projects that meet all of the following conditions may be conducted under the supervision of the faculty member without submitting an application to the IRB. Projects that do not meet all of these conditions must be submitted to the IRB for review.

The project must meet the definition of classroom research/student research. This is defined as a project that:

  • is a normal part of the student's coursework
  • is supervised by a faculty member
  • has as its primary purpose the development of the student's research skills
  • does not present more than minimal risk to participants or to the student investigator
  • does not include any persons as research subjects under the age of 18
  • does not include any persons as research subjects who are classified as protected populations or sensitive subjects according to Federal regulations
  • is not genuine research and will not result in a degree culminating product (e.g., thesis, dissertation), publication, or some other form of public dissemination (e.g., presentation at conferences including the undergraduate/graduate scholars forum)
  • does not involve sensitive, personal, or incriminating topics
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