International Affairs and Diplomacy

International Affairs and Diplomacy

About the International Affairs and Diplomacy Major

Are you interested in current events from around the world? Are you baffled by North Korea? Do you want to understand what is happening in China? Are you fascinated by Russia? Do you long to visit Europe? Are you captivated with different languages and cultures? Are you ready to become A Global Citizen? The international affairs and diplomacy major is your ticket to the world. The program draws from various disciplines such as political science, history, economics and foreign languages, to help you explore the relationships between different peoples and countries across the globe.

While you are completing the international affairs and diplomacy major requirements you will discover how different nations and cultures developed, learn about the art of diplomacy, discover how globalization is changing international trade, and how foreign policy decisions are made. Our classes will help you develop the skills necessary for an exciting career in international affairs. The interdisciplinary nature of the major allows you to customize your learning experience to fit your interests so you can explore international relations from a variety of political, historical, and economic perspectives.  Additionally, study abroad and internship opportunities allow you to apply the skills you learned in the classroom to the real world. Our alumni have found exciting jobs in not only the government, including the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security, but also in international organizations such as the United Nations and are leaders in both non-profits and private businesses.

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