Morgan Chapman '18

Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown: Cranberry Twp., PA

Minor: Mathematics
Member of Women’s Volleyball Team, Society of Women Engineers and Engineering Club 

Future Civil Engineer

From Sports to School
I participated in a volleyball camp in the Pittsburgh area and was able to work with Coach Melissa Mahnke. Her interest in me sparked my interest in Mount Union. Consequently, I chose to attend Mount Union because of their exceptional engineering program and competitive volleyball team. I eventually found that being a member of the volleyball team made adjusting to college life much easier. I always had a teammate to turn to when lost or in need of advice. They were my family away from family.            

Warm and Welcoming Campus
Mount Union feels like home to me because of the sincere and friendly students and faculty. I feel a warm welcome no matter where I am on campus: the cafeteria, library, or classroom. In addition, I love the small campus and classroom size at Mount. This allows me to easily connect with my professors and classmates which contributes heavily to my growth as a student and community member.

You Won’t Know Until You Visit
I would tell prospective students to make sure they visit campus! You never know the vibe of a campus until you are on one and Mount Union’s vibe is very welcoming.

Better the World with Math and Science
I chose civil engineering as my major because I want to be able to better the world with my knowledge in math and science. I’ve always been fascinated with how things work and engineering is the field that allows me to figure out how they do. Civil engineering is also a very broad major which will provide me with numerous options for my future. 

Eye Opening Experience
I had a civil engineering internship this past summer at Westinghouse Electric Company in Cranberry Twp. It was an eye opening experience that I will forever be grateful for because it taught me real life skills that I would never be able to learn in a classroom. I was able to work with all types of engineers and learned how professional engineers function on a daily basis.

Favorite Class
My favorite class so far has been Statics and Dynamics taught by Dr. Jadaan. This was the first engineering design class that I took and I found it so interesting. I’ve always been drawn to the design of bridges and buildings; statics is simply an introduction to the design of bridges. This class reaffirmed my desire to be a civil engineer.

Career Goal
My ultimate career goal is to become a civil engineer at a private company and travel the world through my work. From experiencing different cultures, I would hope to become a better engineer and improve the society we live in. 

Morgan Chapman

You never know the vibe of a campus until you are on one and Mount Union’s vibe is very welcoming.

Fun Facts

Where is your favorite travel destination?
Cancun, Mexico
What is your guilty pleasure movie?
The Breakfast Club
What is your favorite app?
What is your favorite quote/motto?
Mind over matter.
To The Top!