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Taking classes outside of your major shows future employers and schools that you care about your education as a whole and that you’re not just checking pre-requisites off of a list.

Tuition Exchange at the University of Mount Union

Information for applicants enrolling at Mount Union

Eligible parents and students may apply for tuition exchange through:

Council of Independent Colleges (CIC): cic.edu

The Tuition Exchange (TE): tuitionexchange.org

TE and CIC applications are due no later than January 1 for a fall start of the same year. For example, students enrolling at Mount Union for the Fall 2018 semester have a TE and CIC application deadline of January 1, 2018.

In addition, to be considered for TE or CIC, applicants must

TE and CIC decisions will be released by February 1. The number of seats offered are limited and vary each year.


Information for Mount Union employees

(as published in the Employment Policies Handbook)

Eligible faculty/administrative staff members whose dependent children are interested in attending another accredited institution of higher education must complete the appropriate paperwork within the specified timeline indicated within this policy. Admission into the Tuition Exchange Program must be completed annually. Mount Union participates in two separate tuition exchange programs. For a list of participating intuitions, refer to the links below.

Council of Independent Colleges: cic.edu

The Tuition Exchange: tuitionexchange.org

Tuition exchange is very competitive. For example, a school might have only 5 spots, but may receive up to 100 applications. It is not an automatic exchange, but is a competitive process with the importing school deciding who to take and who not to take.

Eligible dependents of a faculty/administrative staff member cannot receive benefits under more than one tuition exchange program through Mount Union. For example, your dependent is not eligible to receive a baccalaureate degree through tuition remission at the University of Mount Union, through the tuition exchange program and through traditional financial aid. As stated above, once a baccalaureate degree is conferred upon an eligible dependent, that dependent ceases to be eligible for other forms of the tuition benefit.

Tuition exchange is limited to one dependent per faculty/administrative staff member.

Application Process

To receive full consideration for any tuition exchange program, the employee must begin by completing and submitting a Tuition Exchange Export Application form.

  • The form is located on the portal under Forms > Human Resources or by contacting the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services.
  • The deadline for submission of the Tuition Exchange Export Application form to Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services is October 1st of the year during which the eligible dependent is a senior in high school.
    • Late applications will be accepted but may decrease the likelihood of acceptance into the Tuition Exchange Program.
    • Tuition Exchange is limited to eight consecutive semesters, or twelve terms or quarters, the period normally required to receive a baccalaureate degree at an accredited institution of higher education.
    • The institution is required to maintain balance of tuition exchange imports and exports. In years when the University institution has more applicants for Tuition Exchange than available, the following criteria are used to choose among applicants:
      • Students currently exported through the tuition exchange program that are in good standing.
      • Number of years of full-time employment at the University of Mount Union.
      • Among applicants whose parents have worked an equal number of years at the institution, priority will be given to the staff member who has never previously used the benefit. For staff members who have worked the same number of years and have not previously used the benefit, priority will be given on a "first-come, first-served" basis through completing their tuition benefit paperwork and by notifying the institution Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services in writing in September of the year prior to the student’s enrollment into a TE institution.
      • Commitment to students for the Tuition Exchange Program is on an annual basis; students who receive Tuition Exchange benefit in one year must reapply for their next year of Tuition Exchange.
        • In order to reapply, the employee must complete the Tuition Exchange Export Application and submit it to the Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Services by December 1st of the year prior to fall of readmission.


Graduate courses, non-traditional study courses, private music lessons, special workshops and seminars at other institutions are not included in the tuition exchange benefit. Study abroad partnerships, may or may not be eligible for tuition exchange, based upon each individual import institution’s policy.

Please contact the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services with any questions related to Tuition Exchange.

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