Undergraduate Learning Goals

Undergraduate Learning Goals

I.     Core Abilities

A. Demonstrate an ability to acquire and assess information.

B. Demonstrate research skills (both quantitative and qualitative).

C. Develop ability to think critically.

D. Develop ability to think creatively.

E. Develop communication skills.

II.     Foundational Knowledge and Integration

A. Acquire knowledge in the humanities, arts, and sciences.

B. Demonstrate the use of concepts and methods in the humanities, arts, and sciences.

C.  Develop the ability to view the world from multiple disciplinary perspectives.           

D.  Integrate knowledge and techniques across multiple disciplines.


III.   Preparation for Meaningful Work

A.  Acquire discipline-specific knowledge and skills needed at a professional level.

B.  Demonstrate use of discipline-specific knowledge and skills.

C.  Integrate discipline-specific knowledge and abilities with multiple disciplinary perspectives.

D.  Develop ability to collaborate with others to solve problems.


IV.   Preparation for Fulfilling Lives

A.  Acquire the tools for self development in order to assess and improve physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth and wellness.

B.  Find and cultivate intellectual pursuits.

C.  Find and cultivate pursuits for personal enrichment.


V.    Preparation for Responsible Citizenship

A.  Develop knowledge and appreciation of the individual's culture and other cultures in a global context.

B.  Understand and employ ethics within diverse cultural, social, professional, environmental, and personal settings.

C.  Demonstrate civic engagement by active involvement in and beyond the classroom.


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