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Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs works to foster collaboration, communication, and personal interaction between and among students, faculty, administrative staff, and the office itself to accomplish the University's educational mission and goals. The office oversees, coordinates, and facilitates the many academic programs and processes that have been established to help students:

  • Obtain a broad base of knowledge in the humanities, arts, and sciences and awareness of discipline-specific methods of inquiry;
  • Think critically and communicate effectively;
  • Gain the knowledge and skills in a specific discipline requisite for satisfying careers and/or graduate work and professional studies;
  • Foster an understanding of the various cultures and of the interdependence of the global community;
  • Form moral and religious values that encourage them to address complex societal problems that affect the individual, community, and world;
  • Understand the United States as a pluralistic society characterized by changing social, political, and economic relationships

Offices and Services

  1. Academic Centers

    Academic centers are administrative, organization, or budgetary units within the Office of Academic Affairs. Centers may cross disciplinary boundaries.

    Mount Union currently has the following centers:

    John T. Huston-Dr. John D. Brumbaugh Nature Center

    Ralph and Mary Regula Center for Public Service

    Spectrum Education Center

  2. Camps and Conferences

    The Office of Camps and Conferences manages all aspects of internal and external camps and conferences on the University of Mount Union campus. Mount Union hosts a variety of groups including summer academic and athletic camps as well as professional conferences throughout the year. We offer a full-service operation equipped to provide faculty, staff, and external clients with assistance in the planning and implementation of their program.

  3. Center for Faculty Development

    The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) is a hub for professional development resources for teaching faculty. The CFD promotes best practices for teaching by providing mentoring, programming, and a critical access point to appropriate internal and external resources. The CFD acknowledges the complex role of faculty members working in the context of a growing liberal arts institution and connects faculty members to resources that help them continuously evolve as instructors, leaders, and scholars of teaching and learning.

  4. Center for Global Education

    The Center for Global Education offers a variety of international opportunities for living and learning abroad. The center advises students during the study abroad process and assists faculty with travel seminars and visiting professorships.

  5. Center for Student Success

    The Center for Student Success includes the offices of Academic Support, Accessibility Services, Career Development, New Student Programs, and Students in Academic Transition Programs. While each office provides a different kind of assistance, their services are interrelated to provide holistic student-centered support.

    Post-Graduation Report

  6. Digital, Written, and Oral Communication Studio

    The Digital, Written, and Oral Communication Studio (DWOC Studio) is open to all students of Mount Union. Its mission is to provide a space for students to work on writing, oral presentations, and digital artifacts, including sound and video editing, desktop publishing, and more. Consultants are on hand to provide help with critical thinking at the beginning stages of a project; support through the writing, speaking, and production process; as well as polishing a final product, including essays, reports, employment and graduate school documents, public speeches, PowerPoints, Prezis, videos, audio files, ePortfolios, and more. 

  7. Honors Program

    The Honors Program at the University of Mount Union offers integrated learning opportunities and challenges for motivated students with exceptional academic potential. The program is designed to foster intellectual curiosity, leadership, initiative, creativity, civic-mindedness, and a high standard of performance.

  8. Institutional Effectiveness

    The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports the University’s mission-centered initiatives through a  systematic and continuous process of data collection, evaluation, and assessment.

  9. Library

    The University of Mount Union Libraries include the Main Library located in the Kolenbrander Harter Information Center and the Sturgeon Music Library located in Cope Music Hall.

  10. Registrar

    The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for providing the academic record-keeping function required by Mount Union and providing a large part of the planning, management, and operational information required by the University. The office's goal is to support the faculty and administration in their efforts to realize the goals and objectives of the University, to support the students in their efforts to obtain an education and to provide services and information needed by the wider public, including alumni and former students.

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