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If You Could Teach Another ClassIf I could teach one class outside of the physical education major, I would want to teach a research methods and statistics course.

Surprising Fact About YourselfI like to garden and grow tomatoes, peppers, onions and anything else edible.

If You Weren’t a ProfessorIf I wasn’t a professor, I would be teaching K-5 physical education in a public school.

Places to Visit or Things to DoI would love to go to Hawaii during our winter break.

Favorite MovieTombstone

Favorite BookIt’s difficult to pick one; I would have to say the top shelves of the bookcase in my office.

Hobbies and InterestsFishing, hunting, biking, camping, hiking and most outdoor activities

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University Faculty Spotlight:
Dr. Bruce Pietz

Title: Assistant Professor of Human Performance and Sport Business
Physical Education

I discovered the physical education major in my sophomore/junior year in college. Even as an undergraduate student, I wanted to explore a profession in higher education. During my first year as a graduate student, my advisor asked if I ever considered pursuing a doctoral degree and teaching at the college level. After that discussion, I knew what and where I wanted to go.

Professional Accomplishments
My proudest accomplishment was being awarded the Outstanding Professor Award by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee while teaching a Baldwin-Wallace College.

Teaching Style
I prefer to teach using the active learning method. Active learning provides hands-on application activities to cover course content instead of lecturing.

Best Part of the Job
Watching my students develop and apply their teaching skills throughout the physical education major is the best part of my job.

The Love of KHIC
As crazy as this may seem, the Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center (KHIC) is my favorite building. It is a new, beautiful and architecturally stunning building. I seem to find new areas of this building every time I go there. Yet despite this, it is the most confusing and challenging building on campus. KHIC has it all!

Variety of Offerings
I feel that the University of Mount Union is unique with its wide diversity of major and course offerings while still being a small and close-knit campus.

Preparing Students
The University of Mount Union prepares its students for work after college by offering challenging and relevant majors and providing ample field experience opportunities. This provides a unique combination of course content and real world experience regardless of your chosen major.

Research Interests
Effective teaching practices in physical education, potential effects of using music while teaching physical education, examining the benefits of requiring “homework” in K-12 physical education.

B.S., Physical Education, Minnesota State University
M.A., Physical Education, Minnesota State University
Ed.D., Education, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

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