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Department of Education

School of Education

The Mount Union Teacher Education Program's mission statement is derived from the vision expressed in the University's mission statement, but it offers a version more particular to the preparation of teacher candidates.

Mount Union's Teacher Education Program prepares candidates for meaningful careers in the field of education. Building upon a solid liberal arts foundation, the Teacher Education Program assists candidates in developing knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to become effective and caring teachers in an ever-changing society. Mount Union's candidates are prepared to become reflective, lifelong learners.

This mission is realized for all candidates through the attainment of eleven common goals that are aligned with Ohio Teacher Education and Licensure Standards, INTASC, PRAXIS, and CAEP Program Standards. The Teacher Education Program has established programs in Primary, Middle Childhood, Intervention Specialist, Adolescence to Young Adult, and Multiage Education to assist candidates to:

  • Understand the foundations and complexities of the education profession;
  • Practice critical inquiry and reflective thinking;
  • Express ideas effectively through written and oral communications;
  • Identify, select, and use appropriate technologies to support instruction in the school;
  • Construct a broad pedagogical knowledge base;
  • Engage in best practice as defined in the literature of learning societies;
  • Appreciate education as a lifelong pursuit apprised by continuous self-assessment;
  • Recognize and value cultural, racial, and religious diversity;
  • Develop pride in the teaching profession with a desire to make a positive difference in students in an ever-changing world.