Dr. Patricia Boehm

Teaching Area(s): Music

Title: Chair of the Department of Music, Associate Professor of Music and Interim Chair of the Department of Theatre
Courses Taught:
Music Education, Voice

I have one of those personality types that thrive in a structured and ordered environment. Good teachers need to be prepared and have their ducks in a row before entering the classroom. Teaching comes to me quite naturally, I think, because of this kind of reflective thinking.

I am proud of many things, but in particular is the completion of my doctorate. With my master’s, I never felt like I was quite “finished.” After I started the coursework for my doctorate, my husband would introduce me to people by saying, “This is my wife, and she is finishing her doctorate,” so I knew I couldn’t quit!

Performance Art
I believe strongly that teaching is a performance art. A good teacher must practice the lesson plan delivery to instill effective teaching mannerisms. Students in my classes learn quickly that, for me, the word “music” is a verb. I get them up in front of a class to teach as soon as I can.

Evolution of Students
I absolutely love being a part of the evolution of a student from matriculation to commencement to professional musician and teacher. It’s both affirming and fulfilling to know that I have contributed to the growth of the music profession through my teaching.

Historical Connection
I particularly enjoy any time I spend in Chapman Hall. When you stand in the foyer and see the crest on the floor, there is sense of historical connection to all who have been at Mount Union. I also love walking around the Campus Lakes because I find peacefulness in the calm of the water!

Professional Musicians
I believe the Department of Music faculty members are among the best models for our music majors. We have a wonderfully talented group of professional musicians teaching—each one models an extremely high level of musicianship through their daily practicing and active performing.

Research Interests
I have three areas of interest in music research: the use of invented notation by young children, vocal pedagogy and practice and new teacher preparation.

B.M., Voice and Opera, Jacksonville University
M.M., Opera Production, Florida State University
Ph.D., Music Education, Kent State University

Students in my classes learn quickly that, for me, the word “music” is a verb. I get them up in front of a class to teach as soon as I can.

Fun Facts

If You Could Teach Another Class
I would probably be a history teacher. My TV is often found set to The History Channel.
Favorite Quote or Motto
“The effects of good music are not just because it’s new; on the contrary, music strikes us the more familiar we are with it.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Surprising Fact About Yourself
My real claim to fame is that I taught two of the boys in the band Limp Bizkit. Sam Rivers and John Otto attended the school where I taught elementary music, and they were terrific little kids, too! I have the band photo in my office, and every now and then a surprised visiting parent or student asks if I am a fan!
Favorite Movie
I will always stop to watch The Princess Bride, Ladyhawke, or anything epic like Dr. Zhivago or Gone With the Wind.
Favorite Book
I like a little book called The Singer’s Ego—Finding Balance between Life and Music by Lynn Eustis. The writings in this book give voice to the different psychological, emotional and very personal issues that affect singers and their singing.
Hobbies and Interests
I really love to travel, explore small town main streets, and wander in and out of little shops and family-owned businesses and restaurants.
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