The Engaging Science, Innovation, and Technology (ESIT) Seminar Series

The purpose of this seminar series is to engage the campus community to develop an environment of mutual learning between the natural science departments for the benefit of our students in preparation for their future careers. These seminar series are designed to be given by a faculty member and a student on a modern, interesting topic in science that will showcase the science, innovation, and technology of the topic.

This Fall 2017 semester's upcoming presentations will be held at the following times and locations: 

Wednesday September 13, 2017

Tissue Engineering: Stem Cells to Artificial Organs
Keith R. Miller
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Bracy 04


Wednesday October 4, 2017

Neurodiversity and Autism
Kristine Turko
Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Bracy 04


Wednesday November 8, 2017

The Technology of Policing
Andy Bain
Department of Criminal Justice Studies
Bracy 04

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