Gabriela Botzman '17

Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown:Dallas, Pennsylvania

Mount Union is so student-centered. There are always activities, events, helpful resources, lectures and workshops to attend. Faculty members have an invested interest in the students and honestly want them to succeed.

Health Center

Purpose and Mission

The Health Center strives to support the institutional mission of the University. The Health Center staff helps individuals achieve their optimal level of good health so they can face challenges that enable them to lead fulfilling lives, obtain meaningful work and be responsible citizens.

The Health Center focuses on health promotion, health protection, disease prevention and clinical care. The main purpose of the Health Center is to provide medical care for students who have short term illnesses and injuries. Good health contributes to the productivity and success of students and enables them to reach their academic, social, athletic, career and personal goals in life.

Member: Ohio College Health Association American College Health Association



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