Matt Hise M ’14

Major: Educational Leadership
Hometown: Perry, Ohio

Dedicated Educator
English teacher (4th-7th grades) at Maria Immacolata Catholic School in Houma, LA

Quality and Convenience
With regard to the online nature of the program, the combination of direct instruction and collaborative learning is sealed together with technology. In doing so, the program maintains high expectations while being flexible toward the schedule of a working professional. Ultimately, this allows for me to achieve my goals of being a successful student and effective educator.

Dedicated Faculty
Having attended Mount Union for my undergraduate degree, I was already familiar with a number of different aspects of the institution. Most notably, however, were the faculty members in the Department of Education. Each professor stood out as a teacher, bringing knowledge, experience and personality with them into each class. Those individuals are responsible for shaping me into the educator I am today, and I would only trust those same individuals to help me realize my potential as a future educational leader.

Top-Notch Technology
Hands down, my most favorite experience of the Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership program has been the use of collaborative technologies. As this program was designed with working professionals in mind, various tools have been implemented as a means of achieving meaningful feedback. These tools have allowed the cohort to work around each other’s schedule and effectively produce amazing results.

Future Aspirations
I decided to pursue a Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership degree because I am looking to take the next step in my career. As a current teacher, I have spent much time shaping minds within the classroom. This program prepares me to shape minds outside of the classroom by tapping into my natural leadership tendencies. Ultimately, I plan to become involved in curriculum development or building administration, and my career goal is to teach at the University level.

Matt Hise

Despite the cold Ohio winters, Mount Union has the warmest atmosphere. What sets Mount apart from the other colleges and universities is the “personal touch.” At Mount Union, a student truly feels like a person, not a number.

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