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The University of Mount Union Esports Program welcomes all students, regardless of their major. With its five dedicated teams, the program has made a mark since its debut in 2019, engaging in exciting playoff rounds and traveling across the nation for thrilling competitions. Compete with the teams for League of Legends, Overwatch 2,  Rocket League, Super Smash Bros.: Ultimate, and Valorant.


Not a player? No problem. Dive into the action with our broadcast and production team! Whether you’re a commentator, livestream operator, manager, or more, you’ll be right in the mix, behind the scenes or in front of the lens. Your opportunity to make your mark is here!


Competition Schedule

Follow our esports Twitter account for up-to-date scores of each match, behind the scees content, and live updates of schedule changes.


  • Scholarship Opportunities

    The institution offers scholarships to qualified students, and was the first school in Stark County to have a program that offers scholarships to its students. Students that participate in varsity level teams for League of Legends, Overwatch 2,  Rocket League, Super Smash Bros.: Ultimate, and Valorant are eligible to receive a scholarship. Students are also required to maintain a GPA of over 2.5 and not be under academic probation.

  • Esports Center

    We have built a state-of-the-art, dedicated esports facility right on campus. The space is intended to be a home for esports on campus, and a place where the esports community can prosper. The center is outfitted with custom Respawn Gaming chairs embroidered with the UMU Esports Logo. The Esports Center also includes a Varsity Players Lounge intended to be used for strategy and reviewing game film. The entrance to the facility is the back of the old Family Dollar building on the corner of Union and State.

    See a quick tour of the Esports Center. 

  • Varsity Roster
    Name Team Major Class Year
    Jonathan Owen Overwatch 2, and League of Legends Accounting 2024
    Cole Bailey Overwatch 2, and VALORANT Marketing 2024
    Jake Standish* Overwatch 2, and VALORANT Sport Business 2024
    Jay Musser Overwatch 2 2027
    Pato Torres Gomez League of Legends Marketing 2025
    Jayden Herhold League of Legends Electrical Engineering 2024
    Matt Porter* League of Legends Computer Science 2024
    Keith Turnbull League of Legends Accounting 2026
    Steven Smith League of Legends Music Education 2026
    Eleonora Kalustyan League of Legends 2027
    Aaron Lockhart League of Legends 2027
    Greg Weber League of Legends 2024
    Trent Taflan* Rocket League Mechanical Engineering 2026
    Xander George Rocket League 2026
    Isaac Pittman Rocket League Exercise Science 2026
    Jagger Williams Rocket League Marketing 2025
    Steven Wright Rocket League Mechanical Engineering 2025
    Jacob Jerrett Rocket League Mechanical Engineering 2026
    Zac Lenart Rocket League 2027
    Shaun Harris Rocket League Japanese and Integrated Media 2025
    JD Webb Smash Ultimate Nursing 2024
    Tommy Henshaw Smash Ultimate Japanese 2024
    Connor Grandon* Smash Ultimate Computer Science 2024
    Ryan Myers Smash Ultimate, and Production Computer Science 2025
    Mikey Cromwell Smash Ultimate, and Production Japanese 2025
    Jeff Cronin Smash Ultimate Computer Engineering 2024
    Caleb Dorris Smash Ultimate Writing 2024
    Dorian Lindsay Smash Ultimate Art 2025
    Key Hackney Smash Ultimate Theatre and Japanese 2025
    Rilen Yoder Smash Ultimate Physics 2027
    Matt Chambers Smash Ultimate 2027
    Angelo Miller Smash Ultimate 2027
    Aiden Gray Smash Ultimate 2027
    Mitchell Tokar Smash Ultimate 2027
    Brandon Werstler Smash Ultimate 2027
    Brandon Hazelgrove VALORANT National Security 2024
    Thomas Watson* VALORANT Computer Science 2024
    Josh Valore VALORANT 2027
    Andrew Matish VALORANT 2027
    Ben Sly VALORANT 2027
    Harrison Williams VALORANT 2027
    Brayon Li VALORANT 2027
    Cayman Smith VALORANT 2027
    Emily Borroni Production Biomedical Engineering 2025
  • Meet the Director

    Austin “AJ” Digby, director of esports, is a long-running member of the Purple Raider family. Digby earned both a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science and a Master of Education degree in athletic coaching from Mount Union. He is a five-time NCAA National Champion in track and was a two-time member of the United States Paralympic Team. Earning a minor in coaching during his undergraduate tenure, Digby has served as an assistant track coach at Marlington High School since 2022. 


    AJ found his passion for the competitive gaming field through Rocket League. “I immediately fell in love with G2 for their style of play, so synchronous in their movements and passing that it was mesmerizing. I am enjoying getting to utilize my coaching background for use within our esports teams. Putting studies into real-world use; whether that is psychology or in-game tactics to aid in the emotional rollercoasters of a match, or teaching the in-game tactics, mechanics, and intricacies of a game to promote a high level of team play and communication.” While  wishing he had joined the team during his undergraduate experience at Mount Union, AJ is excited to be at the forefront of the successful program.


    “As a Purple Raider, we are all a part of one big family and the esports team is no exception. There are plenty of opportunities for students to join our family as a player in one of our five games, by joining the production crew managing the streams, or as an announcer.”