Aubrey Fruchey '18

Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown:Columbus Grove, Ohio

What I like most about Mount Union are the people… Everyone makes you feel welcome and will go out of their way to introduce themselves.

Great Teacher Award

The Great Teacher Award was established in 1962 by the Mount Union Alumni Association. Seniors are encouraged to keep this tradition alive by selecting a Great Teacher Award recipient which recognizes the faculty member they deem most outstanding. The award is announced during Honor's Convocation in the spring.

To be eligible for the Great Teacher Award, a faculty member must have the rank of instructor or above, must have taught at least one course during the academic year and must not have been picked the Great Teacher within the past five years.

According to the award criteria, "excellence implies the ability of the professor to stimulate a student into a greater knowledge and understanding of the subject matter."

Past Recipients

2017 Ms. Jan Webler
2016 Dr. Grant Cook, III
2015 Dr. Robert Woodward
2014 Dr. Mandy Capel
2013 Dr. Robert Ekey
2012 Dr. Scott Mason

2011 Dr. Beth Canfield-Simbro

2010 Dr. Jamie Capuzza

2009 Dr. Peter Schneller

2008 Dr. Ronald Mendel
2007 Sandra Ekstrand
2006 Dr. William Cunion
2005 Dr. Angie Smith Alder
2004 Mr. Tim DeStefano
2003 Dr. Jeff Smith
2002 Dr. Naoko Oyabu-Mathis
2001 Dr. Becky Stevens
2000 Dr. Michael Olin-Hitt
1999 Dr. Lewis A. Phelps
1998 Mr. Thomas T. Botzman
1997 Mr. William C. Davis
1996 Dr. Richard L. Doyle
1995 Dr. Jack DeSario
1994 Dr. Jason Smith
1993 Dr. Charles McClaugherty
1992 Dr. Charles Brueske
1991 Dr. Martin Horning
1990 Dr. Donald Hobson
1989 Dr. James Walton

1988 Dr. Lee Gray
1987 Dr. W. James Dillon
1986 Dr. Kathleen Piker King
1985 Dr. William Coleman
1984 Dr. Paul Shaker
1982 Mr. Richard Holtz
1981 Dr. Patricia Matthews
1980 Dr. William Markley Jr.
1979 Dr. Stephen Kramer
1978 Dr. Robert Wiese
1977 Dr. Leonard Epp
1976 Dr. James Rodman
1975 Mr. David Ragosin
1974 Ms. Marjorie Cooke
1973 Dr. Wesley Vesey
1972 Dr. Truman Turnquist
1971 Mr. Hubert Pinney
1970 Dr. Mary Ellen Gilpatric Nurmi
1969 Dr. George Thomas
1968 Dr. George Montagno
1967 Mr. Lyle Crist
1966 Dr. W. Glenn Clark
1965 Dr. John Saffell
1964 Dr. Paul Chapman
1963 Dr. R. H. Sales
1962 Dr. Jerry Blount

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