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daniel shaffer
daniel shaffer

Daniel Shaffer '23

Civil engineering major

Mount Union is pushing me to be my best and develop necessary leadership skills.


B.S., Civil Engineering 


Navarre, Ohio 

Choosing Mount Union

My brother had attended Mount, and I knew they had a great engineering program. It feels like a second home here because of the community. That would be my advice to those who are looking to pick a college, find a place that is like home. When you become a student, make an effort to be a part of the community.


Class Experience

I chose civil engineering as my major because I like to work with my hands, and it is a fun career path. The hands-on labs have been my favorite part of Mount Union. I also enjoy having professors that I can form a good relationship with. The Integrative Core was challenging, but I am glad to have completed it. It is nice that instead of taking a class focused on speaking and writing, Mount Union students can take interesting course to improve those skills. My career goal is to become a surveyor or project manager. Mount Union is pushing me to be my best and develop the necessary leadership skills.