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Isaiah Edwards '23

Sport Business major

Faculty like Dr. Braa have taught me that you should never shy away from an opportunity and you should always take a chance.


B.S., Sport Business


Virginia Beach

Home away from Home

The professors and my peers are personable. At Mount Union you are not treated like a simple student because the professors and staff care about you and establish a relationship with you. Dr. Lori Braa has helped me throughout my four years in college. She has been part of every step in my journey to success. When I was an underclassman, she challenged me in classes and prepared me for the real world. Dr. Braa encouraged me to start the Mental Wealth Champs podcast for my practicum.

I chose to attend Mount Union because I heard about their great football program. Although Mount Union made me feel comfortable with the uncomfortable, as it is far away from home. Throughout the years, I've formed long-lasting friendships and an amazing support system that will leave with me upon graduation.

A Leader from Within

Mental Wealth Champs is a student organization at Mount Union that its vice president, Gretchen Koken, and I started. I decided to start this club because I recognized that a lot of athletes were suffering from mental health issues and were not comfortable enough to speak up to receive help. I was suffering with anxiety, health issues, and problems regarding sports so I thought it would be beneficial to start a support group amongst athletes on campus.

In this club, we teach coping skills to help athletes better navigate issues they may be facing. We hope to bring athletes together in a supportive enviornment and establish relationships beyond athletics. In meetings, we discuss life after college, personal goals, burn out from practices and games, and performance anxiety. In addition, the Mental Wealth Champs podcast gives coaches and players a platform to discuss their journey with mental health and offer advice to others that are going through a similar situation. 

A Career in Sport Business

I have been playing sports since I was four years old, so I know what athletes go through on a daily basis. I experienced some medical issues and hardships which led me to step away from football early in college. With all that I have faced, I believe I can help athletes navigate the difficult times within their career and help them better their mental health.  I would like to be a sports psychologist because I enjoy counseling and helping people accomplish their goals. I've always been empathetic and really care about establishing meaningful connections with people.