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jackie sullivan headshot
jackie sullivan headshot

Jackie Sullivan '23

Primary childhood education major

Mount is giving me the opportunity to go out into the education field and practice the skills I am learning in class.


B.A., Primary Childhood Education 


North Canton, Ohio 

A Mount Union Legacy

I am a third-generation legacy of Mount Union and the granddaughter of a retired Mount Union professor. I grew up hearing wonderful memories about Mount Union from my family. As I began my college search, I knew Mount Union was the first place I wanted to visit. During my tour, I felt so welcomed and at home. I knew after that that Mount Union was the place I wanted to be. I was thankful to receive the UMU Award, Dean’s Scholarship, and Legacy Award.


Home Away from Home

What makes Mount Union feel like a second home to me is the campus community. I have met wonderful people throughout my three years here at Mount Union. I know these people will be my lifelong friends. My professors also play a big role in why Mount feels like a second home to me. My professors have inspired me to continue my path to success and made it known that if I ever need assistance, they are always there for me. I have formed many strong bonds with my professors, and I know I can trust them. They have helped me through the hardest times in life and I know I can always go to them to just talk. I would also say my wonderful campus bosses have also helped Mount feel like home to me.


Why Education?

I chose education as my major because I was told by some of my high school teachers that I would make a great teacher. I took their advice and tried it out. I fell in love with the idea of teaching the next generation, especially younger children. I have been observing a kindergarten classroom for the past three weeks and I am absolutely in love with it. I hope to become a kindergarten teacher after my graduation from Mount Union in the spring of 2023. Mount Union is preparing me for my career goal after graduation by introducing me to many different important people in the education field. Mount is also giving me the opportunity to go out into the education field and practice the skills I am learning in class. I know, that once I graduate, I have many different references for when I go looking for jobs.


Opportunities at UMU

I have been given opportunities to observe and teach lessons for different ages students at the elementary level. My favorite experience must be the kindergarten classroom I am in currently. The children get so excited to see me on Tuesdays. I have an amazing mentor teacher who helps me with coming up with lessons, helping me maintain control over the children, and overall is there to answer any questions I have. I am so lucky to have been placed in her classroom. In the field of education, I know I will be public speaking a lot as I teach and at meetings. I feel the public speaking and presenting a portion of the Integrative Core is helping me prepare to be a better speaker when the time comes that I must give a presentation at a meeting. I also believe that the Integrated Core has helped me improve my writing skills. I have never been the best writer, but I have continued to improve my writing skills each year. As an educator, I will have to write lesson plans, individualized education plans, and many other important documents.