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Dr. Mark Carroll
Dr. Mark Carroll

Dr. Mark Carroll

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Classrooms should be fun, they should be open, and all relationships should be respectful.


Ed. D., Bowling State University
M.Ed., Mount Vernon Nazarene University
B.A., The Ohio State University

Why Physical Therapy?

As an athlete I had some contact with physical therapists and noted that they had a unique ability to dig in and find ways to fix the CAUSE of an injury, rather than just alleviate the symptoms. I was impressed by that.

Designing and Teaching Courses

I teach the lower extremity musculoskeletal course, another course in elements of physical therapy practice, another course in orthotic and prosthetic rehabilitation, and others in educational theory and psychosocial aspects of rehabilitation. Because we are a new program I have designed six new courses in the past year. It has been a daunting task but I love the process of putting a course together, so it has been a very happy year.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe if we do our jobs correctly, the teacher and the student become colleagues on graduation day. The collegiality and mutual respect that will be needed in that relationship should begin while the student is in school. Classrooms should be fun, they should be open, and all relationships should be respectful.

Professional Involvement

I am a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, The Ohio Physical Therapy Association, The Orthopedic Section of the APTA, and the Education Section of the APTA. I am also a member of an orthopedic study group. I am most proud of the work I have done as a physical therapy educator. I started the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Marion Technical College and I am on the team that is starting the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at UMU. I like to envision the lives that will be changed because of our graduates in the coming decades.

PT at Mount Union

I think our physical therapy curriculum has a perfect blend of traditional and problem based learning that I have not seen elsewhere. We also have state of the art laboratories and equipment. I believe the University fosters creativity and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to question and critique things and these are experiential skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. Physical therapy is a growing field. Job opportunities are good, and the field is still flexible enough to allow young researchers and leaders to significantly shape the profession.