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maria leonino on a beach
maria leonino on a beach

Maria Leonino '24

Human development and family science major

I love having a small class size and being able to have one-on-one relationships with my professors.


B.S., Human Development and Family Science 


Kent, Ohio

Choosing Mount Union

When looking into schools, I wanted a smaller campus. I wanted smaller classes and more opportunities. When I visited, I knew I would receive all of those things if I chose Mount Union. The people and atmosphere make Mount Union feel like a second home. I am always seeing friendly faces on campus, and it makes me feel so welcomed. Being in a sorority and involved in other clubs, I have made so many friends that I love seeing around campus every day. If you are looking to pick a college, be open to new opportunities and experiences! You have the choice to look at all different types of schools and figure out where you fit best. Visiting large and small schools will let you decide what you truly want in your college experience.


Opportunity at UMU

My favorite experience is the class size. I love having a small class size and being able to have one-on-one relationships with my professors. The Integrative Core has helped me be a strong well-rounded student. Writing papers and giving oral presentations has been beneficial for my communication skills and has helped me succeed in my other classes.


Career Goals

I chose human development and family science because I have always loved working with kids and helping people. I was a little undecided in how I wanted to work with people, and this major gives me the option to have multiple different pathways for my career. I love psychology and sociology, so my classes are so interesting, and I love learning about it. My ultimate dream is to either be a counselor or college advisor. Mount Union has helped me figure out what career path I want. Through the clubs I am part of, I have been able to see what careers are available for me and what careers I am interested in.