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rylee russo photo
rylee russo photo

Rylee Russo '24

Intervention specialist major

Everyone on campus wants you to succeed. Mount Union is a great school.


B.A., Intervention Specialist 


Alliance, Ohio

Aspiring to be a Raider

Mount Union is in my hometown, so I have always known about it. Mount is a great school because they work with Alliance High School and give the top 15 students per graduating class a scholarship to attend Mount. I knew that I always wanted to go to Mount Union, so I worked hard throughout high school to receive that scholarship. I like to be close to home, so Mount Union is perfect for me. The university is an ideal size, it's not too big and it's not too small. This way you can build personal relationships with all the professors, and they care about you. Everyone on campus wants you to succeed, so if you need help, they will do everything they can to help you.


Career Goals

My dream job is to be a speech pathologist. Mount Union does not have exactly want I need for that, but they are trying their best to help me achieve my goal. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to major in. After meeting with my advisor, we decided that the best thing to major in would be intervention specialist. This way I can learn about some students that I might work with in speech pathology. I am not sure if I want to work with children or with adults that have traumatic brain injuries, but Mount Union allows me to observe speech pathology in different fields to get me more experience.


Experiences at Mount Union

I am more reserved and to myself, so I feel like the Integrative Core classes will make me a better professional especially when it comes to talking. In those classes we must prepare speeches about many different things, so I am pushed to get out of my comfort zone and speak in front of people that I don't know very well. Mount Union has done their best to get the students out in the field. Last year I got the chance to observe two preschool classes and I am currently observing a class at the Alliance Elementary School. Working at Alliance Elementary School has been my favorite experience because it is more hands on with students, so you get a better understanding of what they do at schools.