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Sarah Conley '24

Biology major

Going to the Dominican Republic and serving others in another country was an incredible experience!


B.S., Biology


Canton, OH

Other Interest

Legacy and Trustee Scholarship Recipient 

The Path to Becoming a Purple Raider

My mom graduated from Mount Union and she always encouraged me to attend Mount Union as well. However, it wasn't until I visited other universities that I realized how much I really loved it and could see myself fitting in on campus. I think following my mom's footsteps and joining the Mount Union family was the best decision I've made. Mount Union provides you with connections and opportunities that other schools do not. With the small class sizes, you have the ability to build strong, meaningful connections with all faculty and staff and with the connections the University has with the community, you are able to engage in so many unique experiences.

Making A Difference

I have been able to hold an internship and participate in the Social Responsibility course and trip throughout my academic career at Mount Union. Both experiences have been life-changing in their own way. My internship has given me firsthand experience in the field I am pursuing, and it has helped me figure out what position I would like to hold post-graduate school. However, the Social Responsibility course and trip allowed me to combine my passions in a way that I had never experienced before. The course taught us Philosophy and Human Rights concepts while tying in information about the Dominican Republic, and then over Spring break we spent a week in the Dominican Republic interacting with the community members, working with school children, and repairing houses. Getting to serve others in a Spanish-speaking country was such an incredible experience.

Impactful Faculty at Mount Union

I've encountered many faculty and staff members as a student, but two of the most impactful faculty that have marked my career significantly are professor Canfield-Simbro and professor Risley. While Dr. Risley supports every decision I make regarding my academic career as well as being a compassionate professor, Dr. Canfield-Simbro helped me discover my love and passion for public health; she instilled in me the values to help others in my community through the medical field. Though, every faculty and staff member at Mount Union want students to be successful professionals.