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Virtual Performance: Hamlet

The timeless classic is delivered virtually and utilizes all the opportunities afforded by this new medium. The director's concept imagines that this production is not merely happening in virtual space, but rather members of the cast of Hamlet are actual virtual beings. This is a concept many of us have become much more sympathetic to recently, with so much of our lives transitioning online. This production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is performed as the Senior Culminating Experience of theatre performance major and director Juliana Sutliff '21.

Watch Friday's Performance Here

Watch Saturday's Performance Here

Watch Sunday's Performance Here

Department of Theatre Faculty and Staff 

Kevin P. Kern; Chair of Theatre 

Sarah Russell; Assistant Professor of Costuming and Makeup 

Ryan T. Patterson; Assistant Professor of Theatre, 

Technical Director/Facilities Manager 

Kelly Elliot; Adjunct Instructor in Stage Combat 

Katie Gibson; Adjunct Instructor in Dance 

Robert Schneider; Adjunct Instructor in Theatre History 

Jennifer Francis; Administrative Assistant 

Lynn Riggle; Box Office and Performing Arts Manager 


Hamlet… Eva Wagner 

Claudius…Samuel Darrin 

Polonius…Robert Rush 

Horatio…Abigail Collinsworth 

Laertes…Rachael Thorn 

Gertrude…Reilly Davidson 

Ophelia…Drew Kolek 

Ghost…Jason Bowman 

Rosencrantz…Monic Kiconco 

Guildenstern...Maddie Priestap 

Player One…Brihauna Johnson 

Grave Digger…Rose Morrison 

Production Staff 

Director…Juliana Sutliff 

Virtual Designer …Ryan T. Patterson 

Costume Designer…Rose Morrison 

Makeup Designer…Olivia Wolfram 

Stage Manager…Siv Street 

Production Assistant… Clorise Busch 

Wardrobe Crew…Serena Sanzo 

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