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The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies comprises faculty and students interested in questions of human values and experience. We consider how questions of origins, meaning, purpose, and relationships have been addressed in different religious and philosophical traditions, as well as articulating our own answers.


Studying philosophy and religious studies prepares students to live in a complex world facing difficult ethical situations and increasing cultural interactions. The fields help students to know themselves and articulate their own values, as well as learning to negotiate living with those who hold different values.


The department offers majors and minors in both philosophy and religious studies, as well as a Pre-Ministry minor. Majors in philosophy and religious studies help students develop skills in critical thinking, ethics, and communication that are applicable to a wide variety of fields. Philosophy degrees are particularly helpful for the fields of law, business, and medicine. Religious Studies degrees prepare students for the cultural complexities faced by health care providers, diplomats, and social workers, as well as those in ministry. The department has designed its majors to work well for double majors and encourages integrative thinking.


Our majors have gone on to exciting careers in a variety of fields, including working for Google, teaching in Tanzania, working with refugees, teaching college, serving churches, and counseling. Philosophy and religious studies majors are empowered to be engaged and flexible throughout their career paths.


Susan E. Haddox, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Philosophy and Religious Studies