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B.A./M.A. in Social Justice 3+2 Program

3+2 M.A. in Social Justice Program 

Accelerate your career with our 3+2 Master of Arts program in Social Justice. Increasingly, our world needs people who are prepared to work strategically and collaboratively on society’s most pressing problems: poverty, violence, racism, and injustice. 

In response to this need, Mount Union has partnered with the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO) to offer students an accelerated 3+2 Master of Arts in Social Justice.  

About the Program

You will complete three years of full-time undergraduate study at Mount Union, where you explore theory and practice of diversity and social justice through traditional courses and experiential learning opportunities. You'll complete your fourth undergraduate/first graduate year at MTSO, where you will delve even further into study and practice and receive your M.A. after just one additional year of study.  

Benefits of the Program

The MASJ prepares you for meaningful and important work in a world that needs talented individuals to lead organizations and communities in building more just and peaceful systems and societies. Both institutions focus on experiential learning, including internships, travel, and service opportunities for building professional networks. Based on the accelerated format, you will save a year’s worth of undergraduate tuition and living expenses and get a jump start on entering the workforce. 

Admission Requirements for the 3+2 M.A. in Social Justice Program

Any student may apply for inclusion in the 3+2 program by contacting the Department of Justice, Diversity, and Interdisciplinary Humanities. Students participating in the 3+2 program will complete the minor in peacebuilding and social justice or the self-defined major in social justice and diversity studies. Students must also complete the Integrative Core requirements, math and foreign language proficiencies, and minor requirements before entrance to Methodist Theological School in Ohio. The following requirements must also be met: 

  • Declaration of intent to pursue the 3+2 program prior to earning 60 semester hours. 
  • Application to MTSO by February 1 of the student’s anticipated final year at Mount Union.
  • Achievement of a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at Mount Union. 
  • Submission of all MTSO application materials. 

Admission to the 3+2 program does not guarantee acceptance to the M.A. in Social Justice at MTSO. A student who does not gain admission to MTSO through this Program will devote their fourth year to any remaining requirements for graduation from the University of Mount Union.