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Alejandro Elias Espinoza '24

Civil engineering and music double major

Mount Union assured me that I could study both civil engineering and music.


B.S., Civil engineering

B.A., Music


Lima, Peru

A Passion for Music

My love for playing the piano started as a hobby when I was seven years old. However, in college I wanted to further my passion for music by minoring possibly majoring in music. Playing the piano and making music has become part of who I am; I cannot imagine my life without playing my favorite instrument. When I was looking at different academic programs at colleges and universities, though,  I learned that I could only choose one or the other as my major, so I was ultimately going to minor in music.

Why Mount Union?

When I thought I would only minor in music, Mount Union assured me that I could study both civil engineering and music. Dr. Liliestedt encouraged me to declare my major in music. At Mount Union not only have I received opportunities to enhance my skills as an engineer, but I've been able to perform and most importantly, do what I love- play the piano! While traveling abroad to pursue my collegiate studies was difficult because I needed to learn a new culture, Mount Union has given me lasting friendships with amazing people. The friends I've made and my support system, such as professors, both in the school of engineering and music department make Mount Union feel like my home away from home.

Advice to Prospective Students

To students wanting to pursue a college education, I'd tell them to do so! If you can, travel abroad as well. Moving to Ohio from Peru to study at Mount Union was scary, but the best decision I made for my academic career. I've received amazing experiences and made memorable moments with the friends I've made here. I am involved in student organizations such as AIS, ASCE, and H.O.L.A., have received the opportunity to play music for large audiences as a member of the Jazz ensemble and Alliance Chorale, and travel to Abu Dhabi with other engineering students. I can say, and speak for any student at UMU, your collegiate experience will be unforgettable here. So if you are thinking of a college or university, come to Mount Union!