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Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell '19

German/International Affairs and Diplomacy Major

My favorite thing about Mount Union is the community. The people here are what makes Mount Union feel like home for me.


German/International Affairs


Broadview Heights, Ohio

Choosing Mount Union

I heard about Mount Union through my guidance counselor in high school, and learned more when an admissions rep came to my school. I visited Mount Union three times and fell more in love with it each time. The campus feels like home and everyone was always friendly to me. But what really sold Mount Union for me were the majors that they offered. I knew that I wanted to do something with international affairs and that I wanted to continue with German after having taken it throughout high school. I received the Hartshorn Award, Music Proficiency, and a UMU Gift. These scholarships had a great impact on my decision to come here because they made college much more affordable. 

People Make the Difference

My favorite thing about Mount Union is the community. Everyone is always friendly and I’ve made incredible friends during my time here. It really feels like everyone is close and you always know that someone will be there for you! The people here are what makes Mount Union feel like home for me. My professors and advisors and all of the friends I have made have really made me feel like I’m at home. While I’ll always miss my family I love being with my Mount family too! My fraternity was what helped me to adjust most to college. Having a group of people who I could call my brother really gave me a place to call home. It also gave me plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. I can absolutely say my college experience wouldn’t be the same without it. The culture here is very welcoming and supportive and people want to see you succeed!

Getting Involved

My advice to any prospective student would be to find something to get involved in. There are so many different organizations on campus that it’s easy to find something you like. But more importantly it’s a great way to meet people and it gives you a reason to call Mount Union your home! In my time here I’ve served as chaplain for my fraternity, I’ve attended the Greek Leadership Institute, I’ve attended the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, I’ve served as a Preview Guide, and I’ve also served as a Raider Guide. My favorite experience has been working as a Preview Guide over the summer. It was an incredible experience being able to be one of the first people new students met and helping to orientate them to Mount Union! 

Academic Impact

I chose German and International Affairs and Diplomacy as my major because I’m interested in getting into politics and having a language background along with a political background can help me reach my goals, but both of these majors are my interests and what I love doing! My favorite class I have taken so far is Post-Soviet Politics: Collapse to Resurgence. The class traces the history of the Post-Soviet States and attempts to explain the political culture of the region. It gave me a completely different perspective of a region that is often a mystery to people. It was by far the most interesting class I’ve taken and the one I’ve learned the most in. My favorite Professor is Professor Kumler. She has a very unique way of teaching her classes that leaves an impact on you as a student. Her Intro to Geography course taught me a great deal about the world and really pushed me to work hard and learn the material. 

Blended Learning

Combining a liberal arts education and professional preparation has provided me with the opportunity to have a diverse education and the opportunity to develop the skills I will need in the professional world. I feel that Integrative Core has provided me with a unique perspective by allowing me to study several different fields throughout my enrollment here. I believe I can take the different skill sets I’ve learned will make me a better professional in my line of work. 

Ultimate Goal

My ultimate career goal is to work for the US State Department. I want to be able to help others and I hope that in my work I will be able to improve the lives of others and I believe Mount Union has helped prepare me for that. From the classes I’ve taken to the experiences I’ve been provided I have learned how to interact with others and how to make a difference in people’s lives.