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Hayley Maher '22

Exercise science major

I have had the opportunity as an undergraduate student to assist my academic advisor, Dr. Lonnie Lowery, with research, which is an amazing opportunity as an undergrad student.


Exercise science


Greenville, OH

Choosing Mount Union

I had family who attended Mount Union and convinced me to schedule a visit. I immediately fell in love with the campus and the exercise science program, and Mount Union quickly became my home away from home. I also received the Trustee Scholarship from Mount and several local scholarships from my hometown. On Mount Union's small campus, everyone is very involved. It would be hard to find a student who isn't part of at least a few clubs and extracurriculars. Further, the professors at Mount Union have created supportive, personalized environments for their students to learn in. This is especially true within each major. The professors make an effort to build relationships with their students, and clearly care about more than the grades their students earn.

Advice on Finding a College

Visit everywhere you are even remotely considering attending. Sometimes a school can be perfect on paper, but the campus just isn't right. Mount Union wasn't even on my radar, but after visiting, it was clear to me that Mount was the right choice for me. I have never regretted my decision to become a purple raider.

Choosing My Major

I chose exercise science as a major because it provides foundational knowledge for a variety of health-related graduate school options. I plan on attending chiropractic school after Mount Union, and I will be well prepared because of the classes I have taken as an exercise science major. One important aspect of majoring in exercise science on the graduate tract at Mount Union is conducting research. Each senior student conducts a research study and has the opportunity to present their findings, and some even go on to publish their work. This is an amazing opportunity to have as an undergraduate student, and the close relationships between the professors and the students in the exercise science program make it possible. The professors work with the students to allow them to explore their own interests and to design a study that will contribute to the body of knowledge used by scientists around the world. Some students even pursue a patent on their research, and the university is very supportive of such endeavors. There are so many advanced opportunities in the exercise science program at Mount.

Academic Experiences

One very unique experiential learning opportunity that Mount Union offers each summer is the Wilderness Trip. This is a 10-day backpacking trip in the Adirondack mountains, led by Dr. Paul Tidman. This experience provides an opportunity for students to experience true wilderness and to learn about wilderness ethics. This trip strengthens students in their ability to work as a team, their ability to understand and apply ethical values, and in their ability to stretch their physical and mental limits. I left the wilderness trip with a greater understanding of myself and my teammates, an appreciation of seemingly unimportant aspects of daily life and taking opportunities to slow down, and with an increased confidence in my own physical and mental capabilities.

Next semester I will be studying abroad in Italy. My exercise science professors have worked with me to ensure that I will stay on track to graduate on time here at Mount Union. I am so excited for this invaluable experience, and I am grateful for professors who are supportive and flexible. Additionally, I have had the opportunity as an undergraduate student to assist my academic advisor, Dr. Lonnie Lowery, with research, which is an amazing opportunity as an undergrad student. I have been able to help with the writing and publishing aspect of presenting research, and I will soon begin to assist with data collection for a new project. Eventually, I will have the opportunity to present the research we have conducted. This will open many doors for me as I progress in my academic and professional career, and I am thankful that Mount Union offers opportunities like this to undergraduate students.

Plans after Graduation

My ultimate career goal is to become a chiropractor. Mount Union does more than provide classes that prepare me for that goal. Through Mount Union, I have had opportunities to conduct research, which makes me stand out as an undergraduate student in my field, and I have participated in experiential learning opportunities like study abroad that have expanded the way I view the world and other people. Additionally, the small campus and close relationships at Mount Union help keep me accountable. My professors know me personally, so they will push me to do my best and hold me accountable when I am not.