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jessica roberts headshot
jessica roberts headshot

Jessica Roberts '24

Exercise science major

Mount Union is providing me with excellent academic and professional skills, and they are also helping me develop personally as well.


B.S., Exercise Science


Martins Ferry, Ohio

Choosing UMU 

During my college search, I decided to attend Mount Union’s fall visit day. I instantly fell in love with the beautiful campus and everyone was so welcoming. Later in my senior year, I scheduled an overnight visit, just to make sure Mount was the one. Being able to experience Mount Union from a students prospective was such a unique experience, and my overnight host made my experience unforgettable. I now work alongside her as a Student Ambassador hoping to make impacts on prospective students just as she did on me. I am grateful to have received the Founder’s Scholarship, Manzilla Multicultural Award, and Dance Scholarship from Mount Union to help aid my education.

A Second Home 

Mount Union feels like a second home to me because the faculty here are not only professional, but also personal. They really make an effort to get to know you and develop professional relationships with you. Additionally, dance has been a passion of mine my entire life. I am continuing my dance career with Mount Union’s dance team. I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of a team that shares the same love of dance and feels like family. The dance team provides me with the escape I need when I am feeling stressed with schoolwork. I am so excited to take our routines to Disney World where we will compete nationally!

How to Pick the Right University 

I would advise high school students looking at colleges and universities to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. I didn’t know a whole lot about Mount Union prior to visiting, and it ended up being the school I chose. I came here not knowing anyone, but I’ve gotten the chance to meet great people. It’s been the best decision I’ve made so far. So, don’t be afraid to take on new challenges. You never know what will surprise you.

Learning Experiences at Mount 

I think the Integrative Core has helped me improve my writing and speaking skills. I really like that these skills are continuously being worked on over the course of my four years, rather than just taking one class. It’s very reassuring to be able to watch yourself grow and develop new skills. My freshman year I was able to participate in a research study with junior exercise science majors. The study consisted of a variety of aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility, and body composition testing that lasted a full semester. By participating in this research, I now have a better understanding of what these tests do, the effects certain exercises have on different body systems, and exercise science as a whole.

Why Exercise Science?

The exercise science program provides many advanced opportunities that will prepare students to work with people and help develop a thorough understanding of how the human body functions. This is very beneficial to my future career in the medical field. Students will also get the unique opportunity to conduct research of their own with the help of extremely knowledgeable professors. The exercise science program not only provides students with the foundational education they will need for graduate school, but it also prepares students to enter directly into the work field after graduation. My ultimate goal is to become a physician assistant. Mount Union is providing me with excellent academic and professional skills, and they are also helping me develop personally as well. Through Mount Union’s diverse and inclusive student body, I have broadened the way I view the world and others around me.