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JT Maurer
JT Maurer

JT Maurer '09


Mount Union offers students individual attention, access to excellent labs and equipment, immaculate campus and dedicated faculty.


B.S. Geology


Strasburg, Ohio 

I am a geologist and sedimentologist whose primary role is to develop 3D models for carbonate deposits through the coordination of drilling, geophysical, and hydrologic studies. I work closely with mine engineers to translate geologic models into mine plans which maximize the reserve life of our quarries and underground mines.

Choosing Mount Union

Upon touring the campus grounds and meeting with several faculty, it was clear that Mount Union was a student focused organization filled with genuine people. This, coupled with excellent financial aid options, made Mount Union the perfect choice for my undergraduate education.

Going Above and Beyond

Mount Union offers students individual attention, access to excellent labs and equipment, immaculate campus and dedicated faculty. The college is accommodating to student needs and allows for a great deal of student input. The geology department in particular offers a great deal in itself. Throughout the program, there are opportunities to partake in several very high quality field trips. The field trips highlight many important geologic features and deposits which are a foundational piece of the American economy and industry. During the competition of the program, each field trip hits on a new and interesting set of geology. At the end of the program, students have a very good understanding of the geological processes that have shaped the eastern United States.

Loving the Job

Working as a geologist for Carmeuse is very rewarding. I get to travel all over the world supporting our mining operations. On any given day, I could be 1000 feet underground in Kentucky, or at 1000 meters in the Italian Alps. My job allows me to see interesting places, meet interesting people and study interesting geology.

Favorite Professors

I was lucky enough to get to study under two highly dedicated professors; Dr. Mark McNaught, and Dr. Lee Gray. While the Geology department is small, I can’t imagine having a better one-two punch set of mentors. Dr. McNaught focused on details while Dr. Gray focused on concepts. Both are great professors and both are equally great people. I owe much to them both for shaping me into the geologist I have become.

Internship Opportunities

While at Mount Union I participated in a REU program through the Keck Geology Consortium ( The Consortium offers many great research experiences in a wide range of geologic topics each year.  The project I worked on was examining the geology of the Black Lake Shear Zone in the Adirondack Lowlands. Nine students led by faculty at Colgate University focused on a part of the study which resulted in joint publications in the Journal of Precambrian Research. Dr. McNaught was very influential in not only recommending the program to me, but also assisting my independent research for the project back at Mount Union.

Wonderful Investment

Having a degree from Mount Union was a tremendous advantage when applying to graduate schools and later when applying to jobs. I was accepted to every graduate school I applied and was offered assistantships to several of them. I accredit much of the success to the excellent support from the geology faculty.

After Mount Union

After Mount Union, I attended Bowling Green State University where I earned a Master’s of Science in geology and a certificate in Geospatial Technologies.My first professional job was as a field geologist/mud logger in the oil field. I worked mostly in shale gas plays in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and Wyoming. 

Well Rounded Education

Mount Union provides exceptional exposure to many geological concepts from mineralogy and petrology, to sedimentology and stratigraphy, paleontology, hydrology, and so many more. Ultimately, the product of a Mount Union geology major is a very well rounded geologist with a very good base knowledge in pertinent areas of the field. Geology in particular is a field where an individual must be flexible as opportunities for geologists change rapidly with various industries and government needs. Not only does Mount Union provide a broad base, a large part of the program is independent study through the senior culminating experience. Students are encouraged to stay current on geological advancements through the reading of scientific journals, and they have many opportunities to present information to their peers. This was one of the biggest benefits of completing my degree at Mount Union. Upon graduation, I was very comfortable presenting complicated information to other geoscientists. This skill is very important for both professional geologists and leaders.

Future Goals

I wish to continue my passion of studying the Earth and it’s processes and at the same time have a long successful career in the field of geology.

Getting Involved

I was involved in Geology Club, Residence Life, Students for Environment Awareness and Association of International Students.