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kaylyn bennett in lab
kaylyn bennett in lab

Kaylyn Bennett '21

Biochemistry, biology, and French major

I love that every single professor that I've had knows me well by the end of the semester, and that I am never just another face in the crowd.


B.S. Biochemistry, Biology
B.A., French


Louisville, Ohio

Why Mount Union?

live 15 minutes away from Mount, so I always knew about the school. It wasn't really on my radar until I heard about and participated in the Presidential Scholarship Competition. When I was on campus for the first time for that competition it really felt right to be there. Because I have been a commuter student for all four of my years at Mount, it was never really a place that I considered "home." What makes Mount FEEL like a second home is that I truly feel uneasy when I am away from campus for too long. I was definitely itching to be back in Bracy Hall towards the end of quarantine.

Triple Majoring

Each of my three majors mean a lot to me, and they're all degrees that I am incredibly proud to be earning. I chose to study biochemistry and biology because I am a scientist through and through, and also because I am an applicant to medical school. The biochemistry and biology programs have more than prepared me for this next step of my life, and they made taking the MCAT and crossing pre reqs off of the medical school requirements list that much easier. I chose to study French because of the incredible professors and their dedication to their students, not to mentioned the amazing time that I had living and studying in Lyon, France!

Studying in France

My favorite experiential learning opportunities that I've had at Mount have been studying abroad in Lyon, France and my research projects for both Biochemistry and Biology. Studying abroad gave me more than just strengthened French abilities; it allowed me to learn so much about myself that I don't believe I would have learned otherwise. I also visited some stunning places! Research is special to me because it's time allotted for me to be a real scientist! It's a time to be scientifically creative, to think deeply, and to gain valuable experience in a laboratory setting.

Advice to Future Raiders

Place great importance on the student to staff ratio at a school, and ask around about the professors! I am constantly telling people that I wouldn't trade my years at Mount for the world, and besides the great education that I am getting, there are two main reasons for that. The first of these is the small class sizes that Mount offers. I love that every single professor that I've had knows me well by the end of the semester, and that I am never just another face in the crowd. The second reason is the faculty at Mount! I could write a book about just how much I adore our entire chemistry and biochemistry department at Mount, and I have had professors in the biology and French departments that I will always cherish having gotten to known and having been taught by.

Career Goals

As a current applicant to medical school, I am hoping to earn the title "M.D." in four years from now! Mount prepared me wonderfully for medical school. From studying for and taking the MCAT, to learning important information that one needs to know going into medical school, I don't believe that Mount sold me short a single time. Beyond what I have gained academically from Mount, the mental and emotional coaching and assistance that I have received from some of the faculty here is one of the things that I am the very most grateful for.