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Kerstin Vaughn
Kerstin Vaughn

Kerstin Vaughn '19

Theatre/Communication Studies Major

Don't be afraid to approach your professors- they are your biggest cheerleaders.


Theatre/Communication Studies


Norton, Ohio

Road to Mount Union

Shakespeare at the Castle brought me to Mount Union. The summer before my senior year of high school, I was in the show and felt connected to the professors and students who worked on the show. I chose Mount Union because of the theatre faculty. They seemed truly invested in me, and it seemed as though that same care and passion was representative of the campus community in general. Also, I really wanted to be able to double-major.

Theatre Proficiency Scholarship

I received the Theatre Proficiency Scholarship, a Trustee award, and a Minority Achievement award. If it weren’t for the scholarships, especially the theatre half-tuition, I couldn’t come here.

Supportive Environment

I love how caring the professors are. They really want you to succeed and achieve not only as a student but also as an individual. I made a really tight knit group of friends that are a really great support system. Between them and some of my professors, I feel like I can have someone to look to no matter what situation I am in, good or bad. FYS was honestly really nice. That was where I made most of my friends. And, my professor was super caring, helpful, and supportive while still challenging us academically.

Advice to Future Raiders

Get involved and get connected. Don’t be afraid to approach your professors- they are your biggest cheerleaders. Make the most of your time to be the best you can be.

Challenging Academics

My favorite class has been Persuasion and Argumentation. It was very intense and I feel like I learned a lot. Dr. Capuzza is my favorite communications professor. She is incredibly intelligent and quirky. She can be a little intense at times and very demanding, but you can tell she cares about her students and wants them to grow as thinkers. The opportunities with a liberal arts education are endless: the goal is always to be a better, more intelligent, more understanding, more creative individual.

Ultimate Goal

My end goal is to have a career in entertainment. I want to be able to entertain audiences, whether on stage or through the screen. I think there are so many important stories to be told.