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Kimberly Lessick
Kimberly Lessick

Kimberly Lessick '19

Exercise Science Major

By combining liberal arts and professional preparation, Mount Union is making its students well-rounded men and women.


Exercise Science


Parma, Ohio

Minor: Biology 

Why Mount Union 

I had a family member that attended Mount that initially got me interested. Then, a friend of mine in high school toured Mount and said she loved it. After I spoke with that friend, I scheduled my visit here! When I came here and toured, I fell in love with the beautiful campus on my visit and knew I had to come here. 

A Second Home 

To me, I believe the small campus makes it feel like a home. While I’m walking to a class or meeting, I say hi to at least 2-3 friends on the way there. I just love knowing the people here because it is smaller. 

Mount Union Difference 

Mount Union is a caring place that accommodates to students’ needs and desires. I remember that on my first visit here, every tour guide and professor I spoke with truly cared about my curiosity in the campus and wanted to answer any questions I had so I had all of the information that I needed. Mount’s community is an impeccable one that no other university can match. 

Why Exercise Science 

I chose exercise science because I have a passion for helping patients improve from where they once started. I love seeing people better themselves through exercise and other healthy life choices. 

Favorite Professor 

My favorite professor is Dr. Jenna York. She is an anatomy professor who is also a physical therapist at Alliance Outpatient Center. She is extremely passionate about anatomy, and it shows while she teaches. Her passion for the subject inspired me to want to learn, and now anatomy is one of my favorite subjects. My love for anatomy will greatly benefit me in my efforts to become a physician assistant. 

A Liberal Arts Education 

I believe that it is very important to be a well-rounded person. By combining liberal arts and professional preparation, Mount Union is making its students well-rounded men and women. We are able to learn about many different subjects through the liberal arts perspective, while still preparing for our careers.  

Future Physician Assistant 

My ultimate career goal is to be a physician assistant working in the ER. Mount Union offers so many opportunities to prepare for this career. For example, we have the Pre-PA club (APPAS) that goes through all of the requirements of applying to programs, while also making connections with current PA's for shadowing hours. We can also receive credits for shadowing PA’s, which is like killing two birds with one stone because we’re getting the hours in while getting extra credit. Lastly, the graduate track options help immensely because they better prepare us for the courses that we will be taking in graduate school.