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puckrin headshot
puckrin headshot

Rebecca Puckrin '14, M'23

Product Manager

The excellent rating and learning style of my alma mater made it an easy decision to obtain an MBA at The University of Mount Union.


MBA, Business Analytics 
B.S., Biochemistry


Willoughby, Ohio

Current Career

I am a product manager at The Lubrizol Corporation, responsible for the resin and polymer platform. In my role, I contribute to business efficiency, profitability, and risk margin. In general, a product manager is an oil to the business engine. I also collaborate with software engineers to develop a Product Data Management system, the hub for product information and support the external website and product finders. 

Why Pursue a MBA? 

Obtaining an MBA has been a professional goal for several years. Having seven years of work-related experience, I believe it is the right career to further my education. Developing a greater understanding of business acumen and management skills will further support my professional growth. I learned from my undergraduate experience to dream BIG, but life has a mind of its own. As you navigate through a career, your purpose and passion reveal themselves. Today, I dream of one day owning my own business. For now, I ride the wave, learn from experiences, and keep an open mind. The Mount Union MBA program has and will continue to open opportunities for me personally and professionally. The excellent rating and learning style of my alma mater made it an easy decision to obtain an MBA at Mount Union.

Mount Union's Program

New to the product management role, the Mount Union MBA curriculum provides a better understanding of complex business situations. For example, the learnings from Dr. Wendy’s marketing management course provided an opportunity to influence senior management with the importance of investing in email marketing. Mount Union stands apart from other online MBA programs because of the ability to focus on innovation and leadership or business analytics. The flexibility and self-lead teaching allow the student to learn on their time. A general schedule of assignment due dates makes it easy to meet course requirements while having a full-time career. Another reason the program is great is due to the Mount-oring program, which matches the students with alumni. The industry professionals and mentees discuss common business topics and navigate personal and career growth.